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know I was here?
I followed you.
Oh, this is my doc...uncle.
Doc Brown
I know it seem to be
a little forward.
I was kind of wondering
if you ask me to the
Enchantment under the sea dance
on Saturday?
You mean nobody has ask you?
No, not yet.
-What about George?
George Mcfly?
He kind of cute you know but not...
kind of strong to...
stand up from hinself to...
Protect himself from
the woman he loves.
Don't you?
I still don't understand,
how am I supposed to go to the dance
with her if she already
going to the dance with you?
Because George
she want to goes with you.
She just doesn't know it yet.
That why we got to show it to you
George Mcfly are a fighter
somebody who can stand up
for yourself
Somebody who can protect her.
But I never pick a fight
in my entire life.
How could you be picking a fight dad...
dad...daddyo .
You're coming to a rescue right?
Okay, come back to my plan again.
8:55 where you going to be?
I'm going to be at the dance
And where am I going to be?
You're going to be
in the car with her.
Right at 9:00 o'clock
she going to get very angry with me.
Why will she get angry with you?
Well because George,
nice girl get angry.
when guy take advanage of them.
You mean you gonna
touch her on her...
No, no George
look...is just an act right?
So 9:00 o'clock you strolling
through the parking lot.
You see us struggling in the car.
You open the door and you said...
Your line George.
Hey you!
get yours damm hand off her!
Do you think I had to swear?
Yes definitely!
God damm it George swear.
Okay! So now you come up
and punch me in the stomach.
Then I'm out of here.
You and Lorraine
live happily ever after
You making it sound so easy,
I wish... I wasn't so scare.
George there's nothing to scare about.
All it take it a little confident.
You know if you put your mind to it,
you can acomplish anything.
Are you sure about the storm?
Don't let the weather man
predict the weather.
Let alone the future,
No Marty,
I'll be very sad to see you go
You really made a difference
in my life.
You give me something
to shoot for.
Just knowing
I won't be around to see 1985
And I'm going to succeed in this.
Then I'm going to have a chance to
travel through time
It'll be very hard to wait 30 years.
before I could talk about
what happening in the last few days.
I'm really going to miss you Marty
-And I'm gonna miss you.
Doc about the future
-No! Marty,
We already agreed to have information
about the future is extremly dangerous.
Even your tension is good.
You can back fire drastically
Whatever you got tell me,
I'll find out through the time.
To Dr. Brown,
Tonight I'll go back in time,
You will be shot by terrorists.
Please take whatever precaution,
necessary to prevent
this any terrible disaster
Yours friend,
Evening Dr Brown.
What with the wire?
Oh just an experiment.
What you got under here?
Don't, Don't touch that
Is a new weather sensor equipment
Have you got a privilage for that
-Course I'll do
Do you mind if we ...parked for awhile.
It a great idea
I love to parked.
Marty, I'm almost 18 years.
Is not like I never parked before.
Marty you seem so nervous
Is something wrong.
No, no.
Lorraine, Lorraine
what are you doing?
I bought it from the old lady liquor cabinet.
Well you shouldn't drink?
-Why not?
Because you..might regret it later in life.
Don't be such a square!
Anybody here drinks.
Geez you smoke too?
You beinning to sound
just like my mother.
We gonna take a little break,
We'll be back in a while.
So don't nobody goes no where.
Why are you so nervous?
have you ever been in this situation?
Where you know you had
to act a certain way.
but when you got there
You just don't know
if you can go through it.
You mean how I'm suppose
to act on a first date
Sort off.
I think I know exactly what you mean.
You do?
In this situation
Назад в Будущее Назад в Будущее

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