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back to the future.
Alright Saturday good, Saturday good.
I can spent a week here in 1955 again
Hang out you can show me around
this is completely out of the question.
You must leave this house.
You must not see anybody
or talk to anybody
And if you do it can have some
serious custom on future events.
Do you understand?
Yeah sure.
Marty you interact with
anybody today besides me?
Yeah I might sort of bump
in my parents.
Can I see the photograph
again of your brother?
Just as I thought,
This prove my theory,
look at your brother.
His head gone.
It like he been in a race.
-A race of existence.
Whow they really
clean this place up.
It looks brand new.
according to my theory you interfere
your parent first meeting
They don't meet
they won't fall in love
They don't get marry
and they won't have kid
That's why your older brother is
disappearing from that photograph
Your sister follow,
unless you repair the damage
if you don't you'll be next.
This sound heavy,
-That nothing to do with it.
Which one your papa?
That him.
Okay,okay you guys
ha, ha ha very funny.
You guys are being real mature
Maybe he was adopted
Real mature
-That Strickland
Jesus does that guy ever have hair?
You're a slacker!
Do you want to be a slacker
for the rest of your life?
What did you mother
ever see in that kid?
I don't know doc.
I guess mum feel sorry for him
when his dad hit him with the car
Hit me with the car.
It like nurse fall in love
with their patience.
Go to it kid.
George buddy.
I been looking at over for you.
Do you remember me?
The guy who save your life.
-There somebody I want you to meet
I like you to meet my good friend
George Mcfly.
Hi, it a very nice pleasure
to meet you.
How's your head?
-Good, fine
I worried about you ever since
you run off that night.
Are you okay?
I'm sorry I had to go.
Isn't he a dream boat.
Doc, she didn't even look at him.
This is much serious then its looks.
apparently you mother infactual
with you instead of your father
Wait a minute.
Doc are you telling me that
my mother got the hots for me?
Whow...This is heavy.
There a word together heavy.
Why is that they aren't heavy
in the future
Is there a problem gravitate pole.
The only way to get them back
successful is to load them together
You got to get your father
and mother to interact.
interact with some social...
You mean like a date?
What kind of date?
I don't know what kid
are doing in the Fifty
They're your parent
you must know them
What are their common interest?
What do they like to do together?
Look! There a dance coming up.
Of course,
the enchantment of the sea dance.
They're supposed to go together.
That's when they kissed
for the first time.
Alright kid,
you stick to your father like glue
and make sure you
take him to the dance.
George buddy!
Remembered the girl I introduced you to?
What are you writing?
Saying fiction story about...visitors.
Coming down to earth
from another planet.
Get out of town!
I didn't know you did anything creative?
Let me read some?
Oh, no,no,no...
I never let anyone read my stories.
-Why not?
what if they didn't like them?
What if they told me I was no good?
I guess it very hard for
somebody to understand.
Er...no not hard at all.
So anyway George,
how about Lorraine?
She really likes you.
She told me to tell you
that she want you to
ask her to the sea dance.
Oh yeah!
All you have to do is to
go over there to ask her.
What right now,
right here in the cafe?
What if she said no?
I don't know if I can take
that kind of rejection.
Beside I think she would
rather go with somebody else.
What you want?
You know you want it.
You want me.
-Shut your mouth,
I'm not that kind of girl.
Maybe you are
but you just don't want it here.
Get off me!


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