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a tap.
You should order something.
Give me a Pepsi free.
You want a Pepsi pal
You gotta pay for it.
Just give me something
without any sugar in it.
Something without sugar.
Hey! Mcfly,
what do you think you doing?
Hey! I'm talking to you,
you Irish Bug
Hey Biff!
Hey guys, how are you doing?
Have you got my homework finish,
Well, actually I figure it
not due till Monday so...
Hello? Hello?
Anybody home?
Think Mcfly! Think!
I got to have time to re do it.
Do you realise
what would happen,
if I hand in my homework
in your hand writting?
I'll get kick out of school.
You wouldn't want that
happen would ya?
Would ya?
Of course not,
I wouldn't want that to happen.
What you looking at you butthead.
Preserve it
How about my homework Mcfly?
Okay Biff, well
I'll finish the report up tonight
and run over to you
first thing tomorrow morning
I slept in on Sunday.
Your shoe on fire.
Don't be so gullible Mcfly.
I don't want to see you here again.
-Okay bye-bye!
Your're Geroge Mcfly.
Yeah who are you?
Mcfly why do you let them
push you round like that for?
Well they're bigger then me.
Stand tall boy,
have some respect for yourself.
Don't you think
they walk over you now,
they'll walk over you
for the rest of your life
Look at me,
do you think I gotta spend the
rest of my life in this slap house
No sir!
I'm gotta make something
I'm going in a night school and
one day I'm gotta be somebody
That's right,
He's going to be a Mayor.
A Mayor
-that a good idea.
I could run for a Mayor
-A colour Mayor, that would be the day.
You wait and see I will be Mayor.
I'll be the most powerful Mayor
in Hill-Valley.
And I'm gonna clean up this town
-Good you can start by
sweeping the floor
Mayor Wilson.
Hey dad...George.
You and your bike.
He a peaking-Tom !
Hey wait a minute.
Who are you?
I've got one of the dead kid
in front of my car.
Come and help me
take him to the house.
Mum is that you?
There you are,
now just relax.
You been asleep for almost nine hours.
What a horrible nightmare.
Dream I was back in time.
Well, you're safe and
sound now back in 1955.
You're my mum...
-you're my mum.
Lorraine Baines.
But you are..You so...thin
Just relax Calvin,
You got a big bruise on your head
Where's my pants?
-Over there.
On my chest
I never seen purple underwear before
Why you keep calling me Calvin?
Is your name isn't it?
Calvin Klein
Is written all over your underwear.
I guess they called you Cal huh?
No actully, people called me Marty
Oh, please to meet you Calvin...Marty.
Do you mind if I sit here?
-No, No fine.
That's a big bruise you have there.
Lorraine are you okay dear?
My god mum !
Put your jeans back up.
So tell me Marty
How long are you staying here for?
I guess you are a sailor,
that why you wear a life preserver
Cause it's cold.
Sam, here the young man
that hit your car.
He alright now thank god
What were you doing
in the middle of the street?
With kid your age?
Don't pay any attention to him.
he's in one of his mood.
Come here and eat your dinner.
Let see, This is Lorraine.
This is Nelison
That Sally and Toby
Playing over there is little baby Joey.
So you're my uncle Joey.
You better get use to those bars
He cried whenever we take him out
so we just leave him there all the time.
Well Marty,
I hope you like meat loave.
Sit here Marty.
-I said stop fidding with those thing.
Come here and eat your dinner.
Oh,oh,oh look at him roll.
Now we can watch T.V while we eat.
Our first television set.
Dad just pick that up today
Do you have a television?
Yeah, you know we have.
Two of them.
Whow ! You must be rich?
Oh honey, he's teasing you.
Nobody have two television sets.
Hey, Hey I seen this one.
I seen it
This is a classic this is
when the man dresses up
as a man from space
What do you mean you seen it?
-It's brand new.
Well, I saw it one the...re-


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