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with the waste of time.
Be not afraid, good youth.
I will not have you.
And yet when wit and youth
is come to harvest,
your wife is like
to reap a proper man.
I'm right here. Sorry.
There lies your way.
Due west.
Excuse me.
Then westward ho. Grace and
good disposition attend your ladyship.
You'll nothing, madam,
to my lord by me?
I prithee, tell me
what thou thinkst of me.
That you do--think...
Sit down.
- You are...
- Sorry.
Not what you are.
Is that her?
Yeah, that's my girl.
Then think you right.
I am not what I am.
I would you were
as I would have you be.
Would it be better,
madam, than I am?
I wish it might,
for now I am your fool.
You're in love with this guy.
and he is asking you
to help him get another woman!
You're upset. you're confused.
it's tearing you up inside!
You have been in love before.
haven't you?
By my innocence, I swear,
and by my youth,
I have one heart,
one bosom, and one truth.
And no woman has,
nor never none shall,
mistress be of it
to save I alone.
And so adieu, good madam.
Nevermore will I my master's tears
to you deplore.
She's good.
Look, I should really get
to the airport.
Yeah. Yeah.
If you have to go, go.
I'm sure Alex is gonna be disappointed
she didn't get a chance to meet you.
Tell her she did a great job.
And I'll see you on Monday.
I will. Hey, Matt, thanks for everything.
It means a lot to me.
I'm sorry you didn't find Lisa.
Yeah, me, too.
- I'll see you around, huh?
- All right, man.
Hey, Alex.
Alex, it's me.
Please go away.
C'mon, baby. Open the door.
I don't want your friend
to see me like this.
He won't. He left.
What? He left?
Did I scare him away?
Scare him away?
You blew him away.
You blew everyone away.
You were unbelievable.
He just had a plane to catch.
A slow one to China.
Open the door.
Did he find her?
Your friend--did...
Did he find Lisa?
No, it just turned out to be some...psycho
with the same name, same everything.
He slept on her couch and ran away
as fast as he could.
Are you okay?
Alex. you've gotta help me.
What's wrong?
Well, I booked this job--
a European tour of Cabaret.
Oh, wow! That's fantastic!
I know. Some girl broke her ankle,
I'm taking over.
But listen, I can't find Matthew.
I've been looking all over for him,
and my plane's leaving in two hours.
Did you leave him a message?
I can't really leave this
on his machine, you know.
It's too complicated.
I wrote him a letter.
Do you mind giving it to him?
I've never even met him.
He doesn't knowwho I am.
It doesn't matter--just tell him
you're my friend. It'll be fine.
You know what,
and if he's not there...
just let yourself in
and leave it on his bed.
I really appreciate this.
Thank you so much.
Sure. Okay.
All right.
He asked me
to move in with him.
Oh. What did you say?
I didn't really say anything.
I was late for a class,
and I just sort of ran away.
I said I'd meet him tomorrow.
If I don't show up, you know, he'll go nuts.
Anyway, I have to go.
Thanks again, and I'll call you
when I get there, okay?
Are you gonna do it?
Of course.
I love him.
Hey. this is Matthew.
Please leave a message.
Hey. It's me again.
Where are you?
Did you get my letter?
Anyway. I'm in Paris.
I'm at the hotel. You got
the number in my last message.
Matt. please call me.
This is driving me crazy.
I need to speak to you.
Look. if you're angry at me.
then don 't be.
Just call... please.
I don 't know
if I can stay with the show.
I feel like I have to come home
and look for him.
No, l...
I wasn't gonna say
anything before, but...
...when I brought him the letter...
...he wasn't expecting me, and...
...I found him in bed
with another woman, Lisa.
I--I can't believe it.
Just...forget about him.
The best thing for you to do
is stay with the show and...
just forget him.
I really thought I knew him.
Just forget him.
He's not even worth it.
Luke, I'm
Наваждение Наваждение

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