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Настоящий гений

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built a weapon.
What do you think a secret phase
conjugate tracking system is for?
A big mirror makes a big beam.
I guess it could be.
Where's the laser now?
I overheard Jerry mention something
about a test on the 27th.
But I don't know where.
It's classified.
-Oh, nothing.
I want you to think about
what you've done, Kent.
And from now on...
...stop playing with yourself!
It is God.
Now what?
Phase two.
What is it with you?
What's that?
-These military are so untrusting.
-Can we get clearance?
-We will. It'll just take six hours.
-Forget it. We'll balls it.
How do these look?
Mine looks like him,
and his looks like me.
Great, I hope.
-What if they don't work?
-They shoot us.
-Show these to the next guard.
-You bet.
Can you snap it up?
We're late, we're tired, we're hungry.
-Are you crazy?
-You gotta intimidate these guys.
You're not on the list.
Yeah, that's because we're classified.
Aren't you young for technicians?
Lasers are a young science.
There, I said it.
Now we're both in trouble.
-I'll call the duty officer.
-Hey there, Airborne.
Make that call, and it's our jobs.
We're four hours late.
Give us a break. Someday you'll
be in the private sector.
We're dead.
-All right!
-I love it!
Absolutely, sir.
Consider it done.
Yes, sir.
Look for anything
out of the ordinary.
Mitch, come here.
My God.
Come on.
-Communication link?
Diagnostics seem okay.
Final check ready.
Sixty-five degrees, nineteen minutes.
All systems go.
We're finished here, fellas.
This little polynomial will
keep the computer busy.
Where are they?
We've got a connection!
They're in!
-Abbott to Costello.
-Go ahead.
-We've got the goodies.
-We've got target coordinates.
Roger, we're sending.
What is it?
Oh, nothing.
You didn't think we'd
test in space?
Yes, I did, because
that's what it was designed for.
But if you want to crawl
before we walk...
...that's fine too.
-Superior officer in the room!
-As you were.
We're ready for the final
on-board laser check.
All clear.
I'm replacing the PROM
with our EPROM.
Okay, shoot.
May I have the coordinates, please?
34 degrees, 10 minutes.
15.21 seconds north.
1 19 degrees, 7 minutes....
Right this way.
I'm gonna check the stairs.
Hathaway's coming!
Mitch has told me that
Herr Professor is approaching.
-What now?
-Hathaway's coming.
I don't work well under pressure.
Watch your head there.
I hope that works.
Okay, Chris, I mean, Abbott.
Hello? Hello?
They're gone!
-Okay. Fine.
Dr. Goy can answer
any questions you might have.
Is there any problem
with reusing the weapon?
No, the fuel is frozen
and contains a self-sufficient unit.
The beauty of this system is....
-Is everything all right here?
-Why shouldn't it be?
I think that
just about sums it up.
Shall we take our exit?
-Okay, they're gone.
-That was close.
Nothing like borrowing a B-1,
huh, general?
What is it?
Diagnosis of schizophrenia
by objective personal analysis....
Hi, Kent.
Oh, I thought you'd gone.
Not yet.
Have you been touching yourself?
Yes. I mean, no!
Listen, Kent.
Dad, you know, God,
wants to show you something.
I meant what?
I've learned not to ask.
He says to wait in front of
Dr. Hathaway's house...
...at 639 Ivy Crest Drive,
at precisely 7:08 this morning.
Ivy Crest?
Wait there and you shall receive
a sign, but do not go inside.
Well, why not?
Hello, Jesus?
He hung up.
Crossbow One, radar contact,
heading 0-2-5.
Maintain flight level 6-5-0.
Roger. Steer 0-2-5 out of five thousand
for flight level 6-5-0.
They're here.
Mr. Knight, why is it that I am
not surprised to see you here?
I suppose you have an explanation
for this event that we're to witness.
First, let me compliment you
on your fashion sense.
Particularly your slippers.
Yes, well, Philomena likes them.
Настоящий гений Настоящий гений

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