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Настоящий гений

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-You want to live with me and Daddy?
-I'll go back to high school.
-We've rented out your room.
-Mom, to who?
-Mr. Echevarria, the plumber.
We can share it.
I don't wanna stay here.
-That doesn't sound like my soldier.
-Mitch, this is your dad.
-Hi, Dad.
-Are you crying?
-I'm sorry.
-I hope nobody sees.
-I'm a kid.
-You've never been just a kid.
If you wanna leave, go ahead.
But you're gonna miss the fun.
What fun?
Ick's releasing a new virus
in Kent's room.
-The other night I needed your help.
-I helped you relax.
Being snubbed by beauticians
is not relaxing.
Student beauticians.
I thought this place was different.
But it's the same.
In high school,
I got put in a mailbox.
Teachers hated me
because I was smarter.
Students hated me because
I blew the bell curve.
I was just like you.
I had white shirts and Hush Puppies
and a briefcase.
Girls never talked to me.
When I got here, for
three years I studied constantly.
One night, sitting right here,
I had a vision.
-The guy in the closet?
-Lazlo Hollyfeld.
I followed him into the closet,
down into the tunnels.
There I saw the most disgusting thing
I've ever seen.
-Lazlo in his pajamas.
-So I talked to him.
-You did?
He was a stud around here in the '70s.
Smarter than us put together.
What happened?
Did he crack?
He cracked, severely.
-He loved his work.
-What's wrong with that?
-That's all he did.
He loved problems,
he loved the answers.
But he thought that the answers
were the answers for everything.
All science,
no philosophy.
One day, someone told him
the stuff he made was killing people.
So, what?
I'm gonna end up in a tunnel?
You are,
if you keep up like this.
You don't need to run away.
When you're smart,
people need you.
You can use your mind creatively.
-I noticed you don't study hard.
Yeah, but if I stay,
what should I do?
First, get even with Kent.
It's a moral imperative.
Now, you try it.
-Now, let's unpack.
That's what makes Darlington
so sweet.
-But Knight's got it locked.
-Maybe, maybe not.
Come on, you guys.
He's gone.
-Kent's name is on his plates.
-Like my underwear.
You have license plates
in your underwear?
Hey, Kent.
That's your car.
-You're not supposed to park on campus.
-This isn't funny.
-You've gone too far.
-I had help.
You, huh?
Dr. Hathaway's gonna hear about this.
You'll rue the day!
"Rue the day"?
Who talks like that?
Wow. Hello.
Jerry asked me to drop by.
What about you?
-Which word didn't you understand?
-You here for the meeting?
-I don't know.
-Look, I'm just waiting.
If you can't do it,
we'll get somebody else.
-I have a timetable.
-We're close, everything'll be fine.
Remember, you work for me.
I've made my point.
-Crystal clear.
-Anything I should know about?
-I'll be with you in a moment.
-Goodbye, Jerry. Susan.
I guess this is goodbye. I'm sorry
I didn't get a chance to know you.
Have you ever
seen a body like this before?
-She's my daughter.
-Well, then I guess you have.
-Coming, Don?
If there's ever anything
I can do for you...
...or to you,
you let me know.
-Can you hammer a nail with your penis?
-Not now.
A girl's gotta have her standards.
-Smart girl.
-What're you doing?
-You said come over.
-Stay off the rug.
Take off your shoes.
-What's up, doc?
-Sit down.
-Who were they?
-You're of no use to me!
-Interesting way to start.
-I'm giving Kent the job.
-You gave me the job.
-You need a degree.
-I'll pass your exam.
-Even if you pass, you don't pass.
-Why don't you leave right now?
-I'll go to Dr. Meredith.
-The work I've done merits a degree.
-Who will he believe, you or me?
-You can't do this.
-It's done. Now get out!
You'll never work in this field.
-You unbelievable bastard.
-Count on it.
What're you doing?
Настоящий гений Настоящий гений

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