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Настоящий гений

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put it to good use.
Wake up, Kent.
- Kent.
- What?
I'm talking to you, Kent.
- What is this?
- I said, I'm talking to you.
- No.
- Yeah.
Well, I'm not asleep.
- I must be overworked.
- You're not overworked, Kent.
Well, I'm not insane!
- Or am I?
- That remains to be seen, Kent.
But we are having a conversation.
- Okay, who is this?
- This is Jesus, Kent.
And you've been a very naughty boy!
All right, who is this?
- Cut the crap. You built a weapon.
- What?
What do you think a secret phase
conjugate tracking system is for?
A big mirror makes a big beam.
I guess it could be.
Where's the laser now?
I overheard Jerry mention something
about a test on the 27th.
But I don't know where.
It's classified.
- What?
- Oh, nothing.
I want you to think about
what you've done, Kent.
And f rom now on...
...stop playing with yourself!
It is God.
Now what?
Phase two.
What is it with you?
What's that?
- These military are so untrusting.
- Can we get clearance?
- We will. It'll just take six hours.
- Forget it. We'll balls it.
How do these look?
Mine looks like him,
and his looks like me.
Great, I hope.
- What if they don't work?
- They shoot us.
- Show these to the next guard.
- You bet.
I.D. S?
Can you snap it up?
We're late, we're tired, we're hungry.
- Are you crazy?
- You gotta intimidate these guys.
You're not on the list.
Yeah, that's because we're classified.
Aren't you young for technicians?
Lasers are a young science.
There, I said it.
Now we're both in trouble.
- I'll call the duty officer.
- Hey there, Airborne.
Make that call, and it's our jobs.
We're four hours late.
Give us a break. Someday you'll
be in the private sector.
We're dead.
- All right!
- I love it!
Absolutely, sir.
Consider it done.
Yes, sir.
Look for anything
out of the ordinary.
Mitch, come here.
My God.
Come on.
- Communication link?
- Open.
Diagnostics seem okay.
Final check ready.
Sixty-five degrees, nineteen minutes.
All systems go.
We're finished here, fellas.
This little polynomial will
keep the computer busy.
Where are they?
We've got a connection!
They're in!
- Abbott to Costello.
- Go ahead.
- We've got the goodies.
- We've got target coordinates.
Roger, we're sending.
What is it?
Oh, nothing.
You didn't think we'd
test in space?
Yes, I did, because
that's what it was designed for.
But if you want to crawl
before we walk...
...that's fine too.
- Attention!
- What?
- Superior officer in the room!
- As you were.
We're ready for the final
on-board laser check.
All clear.
I'm replacing the PROM
with our EPROM.
Okay, shoot.
May I have the coordinates, please?
34 degrees, 10 minutes.
15.21 seconds north.
119 degrees, 7 minutes...
Right this way.
I'm gonna check the stairs.
Hathaway's coming!
Mitch has told me that
Herr Professor is approaching.
- What now?
- Hathaway's coming.
I don't work well under pressure.
Watch your head there.
I hope that works.
Okay, Chris, I mean, Abbott.
Hello? Hello?
They're gone!
- Okay. Fine.
- Fine.
Dr. Goy can answer
any questions you might have.
Is there any problem
with reusing the weapon?
No, the f uel is f rozen
and contains a self-sufficient unit.
The beauty of this system is...
- Is everything all right here?
- Why shouldn't it be?
I think that
just about sums it up.
Shall we take our exit?
- Okay, they're gone.
- That was close.
Nothing like borrowing a B-1,
huh, general?
What is it?
Diagnosis of schizophrenia
by objective personal analysis...
Hi, Kent.
Oh, I thought you'd gone.
Not yet.
Have you been touching yourself?
Yes. I mean, no!
Listen, Kent.
Dad, you know, God,
wants to show you something.
I meant what?
I've learned not to ask.
He says to wait in f ront of
Dr. Hathaway's house...
...at 639 Ivy Crest Drive,
at precisely 7... 08 this morning.
Ivy Crest?
Wait there and you
Настоящий гений Настоящий гений

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