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Настоящий гений

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Affirmative, Crossbow.
Select electrics to max, vents
to open, and systems to onboard.
- Roger. Crossbow is armed.
- Roger.
We have confirmation.
Rabbit in the hole.
Moving Target Indicator, engaged.
- Pathfinder on. I'm going on the scope.
- Roger.
Scanner on.
Target locked.
Tracking locked.
- Roger.
- Easy does it. That's it.
Hold it right there.
The Crossbow Project.
- There's no defence like a good offense.
- Mission accomplished.
- Outstanding, Crossbow.
- Just like shooting ducks in a barrel.
Our scientists are
turning an engineering dream...
...into an effective reality.
- All we have to do is build it.
- Nice weapon, isn't it?
- What did you think, Roy?
I think there weren't
enough girls in it.
I have a tape on alternate uses,
mini-shuttle plans...
...and B-1 modifications
for aerial launch.
Does any responsible agency
know about this?
It's a need-to-know basis.
The CIA's responsible.
They do need to know.
You're gonna cause an escalation.
Our studies indicate
this weapon is useless in warfare.
It's not for war. It's a peacetime
weapon. That's why it's secret.
- So it's both immoral and unethical?
- Yes.
- When do we get it?
There is a tiny technical
problem with the energy source...
I don't want problems.
We have plans for it this summer.
I need a success. I don't need
any delays jeopardizing that.
- Am I making myself clear?
- Clear as vodka.
Tell Dr. Hathaway to get on the stick.
- I'm gonna have to push harder.
- As long as we have a weapon by June.
- Right?
- I wouldn't know.
I haven't had
a working weapon since Korea.
I'm sorry, this is too much.
- I'm gonna ask for a reassignment.
- I'm sorry to hear that, George.
I urge you to stop.
Thanks for your input.
Sorry you won't be on the team.
Maybe next time.
Too bad. Used to be a good man.
I'm af raid we're gonna
have to liberate George.
Liberate? You mean, liquidate?
Let's see that film on blinding
techniques. Then we'll have lunch.
- Could you sign this?
- Are you Doctor Hathaway?
- I just loved your television show.
- Thank you. That's very kind of you.
- What is Mr. Einstein really like?
- Dead.
Dad, laser means light amplification
by stimulated emissions of radiation.
So this is coherent light.
- Oh, so it talks, right?
- No.
- Dr. Hathaway, what a surprise!
- How are you?
Is something wrong with the test
scores? If there is, it's because...
I thought I'd bring
you the news myself.
I got word f rom admissions.
Mitch is in at Pacific Tech.
- Wonderf ul!
- Way to go!
Don't shake his head!
- How you doing?
- Fine.
- Nice display here.
- Thanks.
It's a flash lamp
ultraviolet laser at 342 nanometres.
As you know, there is interest
in the iodine laser for f usion.
This is molecular iodine. This laser
doesn't suffer f rom recombination.
You must be proud.
- Proud?
- Sure.
He's the first student we've
accepted for winter term.
- I bet he's the youngest too.
- The youngest was 12.
He cracked under the pressure...
He's 15. There won't be any problem.
Listen, about the scholarship.
You're gonna give him a bonus, right?
No. But by allowing Mitch to progress
at a quicker rate...
...we give him the chance to fill
a greater portion of his potential.
We want the best for Mitchie. I saw
your show on radioactive isotopes.
- And I've got a question.
- Yes?
- Is that your real hair?
- Yeah?
- Tell me, is Mitch adopted?
- Why, no!
- It's amazing.
- Isn't it?
I need something to eat. Come on.
- Bye, Dr. Hathaway.
- Goodbye.
See you later, honey.
They're okay. Sometimes they
don't know what I'm talking about.
I'm sure about that. Tell me,
are you gonna miss your f riends?
- No, I think I intimidate other kids.
- Good boy.
Understand, compared to you, most
people have the IQ of a carrot.
We're different f rom most people.
Better. I'm...
- There you are, doctor!
- Hi. Yes, one second.
I've put you on my research team
with the best minds.
Настоящий гений Настоящий гений

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