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a carrot.
We're different from most people.
Better. I'm--
-There you are, doctor!
-Hi. Yes, one second.
I've put you on my research team
with the best minds. This is only...
-...the second time for a freshman.
-The first was Chris Knight, right?
-You've heard of him?
-He's a physics legend.
You'll be working with him. He's
a senior now, as brilliant as ever.
-This job will be waiting, Chris.
-We have a physical plant here.
-You have a Jacuzzi?
And the labs and offices are
over this way. Follow me, please.
-Meet Chris Knight. This is Sherry.
-Pleased to meet you.
-This is Mike Dodd.
-Dr. Dodd?
-He designed our new Telcom satellite.
-It's an honour to meet you.
The satellite raining debris
all over Europe?
Why is that on your head?
If I wear it anywhere else,
it chafes.
I'm sorry. I didn't want you
to think I was stuffy.
You know, no fun.
All brain, no penis.
-Pardon me?
-I'm sorry.
It's an infantile response
to authority.
-You are Chris Knight?
-I hope so. I'm wearing his underwear.
It's a joke! I get it!
I can't help it.
You're such fun.
We try to be.
Isn't that right, Mike?
Sherry's gonna show you around. Ask
questions about benefits, dress codes.
-I'll see you in my office later.
Take care of him. He's one of the ten
finest minds in the country!
Someday I hope to be two of them.
-You are beautiful.
Did I come off stuffy?
You don't act like
one of the top ten minds.
-How many have you met?
-You'll be eight.
Professor Hostetler was number six.
OId Professor Hostetler?
Isn't he dead?
He is now.
Hello. I'm looking
for the Freshman Tea?
Oh, good. I'm so glad
we have one then.
-I don't think so.
-This is Mitch Taylor.
-Hathaway's bright star.
-Yes, sir.
-You're already on his project.
-We expect great things from you.
-I hope so.
-A bit of advice.
-Oh, thank you.
Never forget to check
your references.
Okay. Thank you.
I better be going. Sorry.
The young people enjoy it
when I "get down" verbally.
Where's the funeral?
How you doing, sport?
Hey, Bobby, wait up, man!
See if he's in his room.
He might be in there.
-What kind of place is this?
Would you be prepared
if gravity reversed itself?
I can't figure out how
to keep change in my pocket.
I've got it! Nudity!
I was here earlier--
-You didn't straighten up?
Good. All my filth is in alphabetical
order. This was under "H" for toy.
What is that?
It's a penis stretcher.
-Wanna try it?
I'm kidding. It's another diversion
in an attempt to avoid responsibility.
I left my bags. Now they're empty.
You see, Mitch, I used to be you.
I've been missing me, so I asked
if I could room with me again.
I put your stuff in the bottom drawer.
I threw out the sports jacket.
Nice reflexes. I'm Chris Knight.
-Oh, no.
-Oh, yes. Duck again!
Oh, my God! It's heading
for the gas tanks. Duck!
Was that a launch problem
or a design problem?
-We're falling behind.
-We're not making sandwiches.
Get down!
Are you crazy?
You could have killed us!
I cannot be seen with you.
But since I'm driving,
shouldn't you be hiding?
He saw me.
The climate has changed. We need a
working model in four months, not 18.
You can't dictate innovation, Don.
I'll put it another way.
-You know the money for development?
When a project gets cut off, the
finance boys always run an audit.
I see.
Having a little work done on
the old place, Jer? Fraud is a felony.
What are you looking at?
You're labourers!
That's what you get
for not having an education.
Get out of here!
Go on! Get out!
-Got it!
Are you two--?
-Put down the sandwiches and go.
-No, Yoda. Yeah, you!
-Just a bit.
-I don't have any--
-No. Sandwiches.
-What good are you?
-What will we eat?
-Are you from the restaurant?
No! I'm Mitch
Настоящий гений Настоящий гений

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