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Настоящий гений

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really did want to.
I wanted to,
but not with her.
-This is my class hour!
-It's May 10th.
-What are you doing here?
-Me?! What are you doing here?
Decker is dangerous!
Where's the laser?
-It's not even breathing hard.
He wants it
by the end of the week!
Now you listen to me!
You grovelling bug!
I have exams! I'm doing what I can,
so get off my back!
That should just about do the trick,
as long as you stay cool.
-Let's go, girls.
-What does that mean?
It's a figure of speech.
You guys coming to the exam?
I guess, since Hathaway's
gone to the trouble of having one.
You coming, buddy boy?
I'll catch up.
I gotta go to the bathroom.
I don't think that's gonna
help your confidence any, do you?
Buddy boy.
Let's see how funny you think this is.
Buddy boy.
All right, we--
We have exactly three hours.
And remember,
we believe in the honour system.
It'll be apparent how many of you
haven't absorbed this material.
Take one,
like your IQ was normal.
Good luck, buddy boy.
Can I name my first child after you?
"Dipshit Knight" has a nice ring.
No. No!
My condolences on your meltdown.
What meltdown, Kent?
I'm not saying that you had one,
because how would I know?
But just in case you do.
-You slime.
-It's your own fault.
Didn't anyone ever tell you
to make sure your optics are clean?
I can do it!
How does it feel to be frozen?!
Ice is nice!
-Lazlo, buddy! Seen Mitch?
He's not in there.
-How'd you do?
-I passed! But I failed!
Well, then I'm happy and sad for you.
Gotta find Mitch.
He's not in the toilet.
I'll freeze it and get
at least an order of magnitude.
Because it's gonna be frozen.
I think I can do it.
Hey, man!
You're not Mitch.
Hey, Lazlo!
Wanna see a demonstration of gravity?
It can be done!
That's a window! That's a door!
Where's your math!?
Hey, you jerk!
I'm very sorry.
I'll buy you a car.
I don't have one.
It's my dad's.
How's it going, Jerry?
What do you want?
World peace,
but this isn't the time.
-Get out!
-This might interest you.
-I'm not interested.
-Dr. Hathaway....
I solved the power problem, Jerry.
-Take a cab.
So you'll hammer later.
We were working
on the cyanide system.
Well, earlier today,
it ate itself.
But that's just what we needed
to take a giant step forward.
Right, Kent?
Needless to say,
I was despondent about the meltdown.
In the midst of my preparations
for hari-kari...
...it came to me.
It's possible to synthesize
bromide in an argon matrix.
-Excimers, frozen in an excited state.
-That's impossible.
It's a chemical laser,
but solid, not gaseous.
Put simply, in deference to Kent,
it's like lasing dynamite.
We couple it to a state that is
radiatively coupled to the ground.
Extracting 10-to-the-21st
protons per cubic centimetre...
...will give 1 kilojoule per cubic
centimetre, or a megajoule per litre.
Hotter than the sun.
-It's small.
-It's meant to be.
We only have the one sample...
...and it's going to destroy itself
as it lases.
But everything will be fine.
-Right, Mitch?
This is a complete waste of time.
Kent, put the target
in front of the cinder blocks.
Okay, come behind the shield.
Okay, Mr. Taylor.
Any time you're ready.
Ready? Laser on!
All right!
Look at this!
-Sorry about the window.
-And the trees across the quad!
You did it.
I did my part too.
You graduate.
You get the job.
What? You can't!
That's my job.
I've done everything
you've ever asked me to.
I teach your classes for you!
-I get your laundry!
-What is he doing?
I mounted the optics
for the target-tracking system.
Wait. Wait.
-Let's celebrate!
You see anything unusual
on the campus?
-My glasses!
-Well, try not to wobble.
-There is a complete hole.
-That's great.
Let's get a burger.
-Let's go!
-In there?
This place is wild.
-Do you see that?
-Like her? She's from Playa del Rey.
Настоящий гений Настоящий гений

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