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Настоящий гений

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change from the old place.
I want to see
more of you in the lab.
Fine. I'll gain weight.
-You're very funny, Chris.
-Thanks, Jerry, we try.
You can sit.
When I brought you here,
I thought you'd be an Einstein.
-You were on your way. Then?
-I got a haircut.
-You're disappointing me.
-And you me.
-Look, it's about our deal.
-I know, Jerry.
I've advanced your project
more than anyone.
Yesterday. What have you done
for me today?
Well, uh....
I want five megawatts by mid-May.
I think you might be getting obsessive
about all this. I took in Mitch, okay?
He's coming along fine.
He's working his guts out.
-So, what do you want?
-I want five megawatts by mid-May.
Look, I don't care
if you're arrogant or disrespectful.
But you're distracting Mitch.
That I won't have.
The rules have changed.
I want it by mid-May.
Jerry, I think you're forgetting
one little detail. I'm out of here.
I'm gone, I'm history.
I'm Casper.
-I'm graduating.
-To graduate, you need my course.
I have a say about
what you do and where you go.
So you and Mitch will spend
every moment in the lab.
You will solve my power problem
by my deadline.
If you think that threatening me
will make me your slave, you're right.
But I'm only saying this
because I care.
There are decaffeinated brands
that are as tasty as the real thing.
I'm not kidding, Chris.
Neither am I, Jerry.
Hi, Mitch.
Do me a favour.
Taste this.
Come on, you won't hurt my feelings.
What, too sweet?
-What is it?
-I don't know, it was in the lab.
Relax, it's just yogurt.
-Mitch, are you all right?
-No, I'm not.
This combination of cyanide is dumb.
This is the wrong direction.
Only you know how to use this garbage.
And I'm getting brain-fried.
I'll make it up to you.
Let's just pause, put that down.
Let's just take a step back.
No, take a step forward.
Now, take a step back.
And a step forward. Then step back.
-Will you stop? I'm serious.
-Okay, I'm serious too.
Let's charge it up.
Give me everything you got.
-I gotta connect the capacitors.
-Okay, this is work time.
-How you doing?
-Fine. Don't rush me.
Okay, just take your time.
Everything's fine.
What is taking so long?
I'm coming.
-What are you doing?
It's just the fuse.
It'll be back on in a minute.
I shouldn't have used
the building transformer.
But, more importantly,
did we get a charge?
What'd you do?
-Come on, Sputnik.
You wanted help,
so here we go.
-Beautiful minds.
-We have work.
We're going to work.
Hard work.
This must've taken hours.
Let's find out.
I told you they'd come back on.
-What's this?
-It's a laser beam, bozo.
-What's it for?
-Not what. Where.
-Follow it. It's a surprise.
Like it?
Hey, what's the beam splitter for?
What's the matter?
Need everything spelled out for you?
Come on, let's tan!
One for Mitch.
Come on in,
the South Pacific calls you.
-Who're the girls?
-Not from around here.
-They're from a nearby college.
The Wanda Trossler Beauty School.
-They're beauticians?
-Not yet.
-I don't know.
-Your genius might impress them.
I don't see how.
Given the type of guys you are...
...this may be your only chance
in your entire lives...
...to have sex.
Think about it.
I've got her now.
Don't you know that eating that
can give you large breasts?
Oh, my God.
I'm too late.
Don't think I don't
want my invention to work.
Don't think I don't
want my invention to work.
-The day's only so long.
-Ready to go.
Pushing me doesn't help.
Tell them that.
Start showing results
or they'll find somebody else.
-Oh, really?
-You won't have your big toys.
I'm the best.
Do you know who you're dealing with?
How dare you try this.
I have to go on.
This conversation is in
incredibly poor taste.
-Son of a bitch.
Welcome to Everything,
with Jerome Hathaway.
Funded by a grant from
Darlington Electronic Instruments.
Hi, I'm Jerry
Настоящий гений Настоящий гений

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