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Настоящий гений

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I tell you, you tell somebody else,
next we're in another ice age.
-Everybody must be skating.
-You're a slack!
-Moles and trolls.
Moles and trolls. Work.
We never see daylight.
We plan for weeks and all
they do is study. I'm disgusted.
I'm sorry, but it's not like me.
I'm depressed.
We had one entry for the Madame Curie
look-alike contest...
...and he was disqualified later.
Why do I bother?
Let's go! What are you,
a bunch of weirdos?
-Want a cherry? I grow them myself.
Okay, push once.
Are you okay?
No, not emotionally.
I'm disappointed. Not terribly.
It should have gone further, faster.
The problem is obviously
the drag coefficient.
I'll have to redesign the blades.
I can do that.
But I've got to cut them,
and that takes time.
-How long will this last?
-Maybe a half an hour.
That's great. I can do that.
-Okay. What's your name?
Thanks for your help.
See you later.
You're welcome!
-Who was that?
I'm Jordan. I heard there was
someone new. Are you it?
-Do you have a bed?
I'd make you one, but you have one.
Okay, see you later. Bye.
-What's all this?
-This? This is ice.
This is what happens
when water gets cold.
This is Kent. This is what happens
when people get sexually frustrated.
This should keep you busy.
This with your classes should
turn your brain to mush.
That's unfair. And we were gonna
make you carnival king.
Ha, ha. You're in on this too.
Did you make it?
-I'm not saying.
-Who'll clean it?
You don't have to.
It's gonna go directly to gas.
Really? What is it?
All I can tell you is
it's rare and unstable.
Just like you.
-You're degenerates.
-We are?
-I found you naked with Jell-O!
-You did not!
This is true.
I was hot, and I was hungry. Okay?
I got news for you, Knight.
-You're not first anymore.
-First what?
-Mitch beat your scores by 20 points.
-Yeah, you did?
-You think you're hot stuff, huh?
Maybe you are smarter than me.
But can you do this?
-Ick, what's happening with the ice?
-Open a window!
Ick, I'm melting!
-It worked!
-Now if we can keep it from exploding.
-Exploding? Oh, God.
Hey, Ick. You're just joking
about exploding, right?
Ick? It's a joke, right?
Good morning. I saw you come in.
We met last night? I'm Jordan.
-I made you a sweater.
-Last night?
It's something I do.
Hope the size is right.
I used my brother
as a comparison.
I went ahead and made you one,
because I was up.
-Are you peeing?
I never sleep.
I drove my roommate nuts.
She's okay, but she had to transfer.
I don't know if that's my fault.
If you ever need to talk, let me know,
because I never sleep, okay?
-I will.
-Are you done?
-I can't start.
-Because I'm here?
I think so.
-Weird. Well, I have to go.
-Me too.
Good morning!
You know, something strange
happened this morning.
Was it a dream where you're standing
in a robe on a pyramid...
...with 1000 naked women screaming
and throwing pickles at you?
Why am I the only person
that has that dream?
Is that liquid nitrogen?
-What happened?
-There's a guy in our closet.
You've seen him too?
Who is he?
-Why does he go in?
-Why do you go in?
To get my clothes.
But that's not why he does.
Of course not.
Your clothes would never fit him.
Think before you ask.
Twenty points higher and thinks
a guy like that can wear his clothes.
--Plus y, equals zero.
This is it!
Come on, get out of here! Get!
-You wanted to see me?
-Mr. Knight.
Right on time.
Unusual these days.
-You still run?
-Only when chased.
-What smells?
-Must be the dog.
-That's popcorn.
-I know.
Get it away from me. I hate popcorn.
Put it over there.
Now I know what to get you
for your birthday.
I guess we're moving up
in the world, eh?
-Very elegant.
-Try not to touch anything.
-Is this okay, sir?
-It's oak, it's not plywood.
-Quite a
Настоящий гений Настоящий гений

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