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Настоящий гений

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Where's the funeral?
How you doing, sport?
Hey, Bobby, wait up, man!
See if he's in his room.
He might be in there.
-What kind of place is this?
Would you be prepared
if gravity reversed itself?
I can't figure out how
to keep change in my pocket.
I've got it! Nudity!
I was here earlier--
-You didn't straighten up?
Good. All my filth is in alphabetical
order. This was under "H" for toy.
What is that?
It's a penis stretcher.
-Wanna try it?
I'm kidding. It's another diversion
in an attempt to avoid responsibility.
I left my bags. Now they're empty.
You see, Mitch, I used to be you.
I've been missing me, so I asked
if I could room with me again.
I put your stuff in the bottom drawer.
I threw out the sports jacket.
Nice reflexes. I'm Chris Knight.
-Oh, no.
-Oh, yes. Duck again!
Oh, my God! It's heading
for the gas tanks. Duck!
Was that a launch problem
or a design problem?
-We're falling behind.
-We're not making sandwiches.
Get down!
Are you crazy?
You could have killed us!
I cannot be seen with you.
But since I'm driving,
shouldn't you be hiding?
He saw me.
The climate has changed. We need a
working model in four months, not 18.
You can't dictate innovation, Don.
I'll put it another way.
-You know the money for development?
When a project gets cut off, the
finance boys always run an audit.
I see.
Having a little work done on
the old place, Jer? Fraud is a felony.
What are you looking at?
You're labourers!
That's what you get
for not having an education.
Get out of here!
Go on! Get out!
-Got it!
Are you two--?
-Put down the sandwiches and go.
-No, Yoda. Yeah, you!
-Just a bit.
-I don't have any--
-No. Sandwiches.
-What good are you?
-What will we eat?
-Are you from the restaurant?
No! I'm Mitch Taylor. I'm a student.
Dr. Hathaway told me to come up here.
So you're the new stud, are you?
-How do you mean?
-Stud. Hotshot. Brain.
-You're 12, right?
-I'm 15. Are you expecting him--?
Yeah. Can I get you something?
-A balloon?
-I'm supposed to check over your work.
-Check it over?
-Well, yes.
-For what?
-Mistakes, I guess.
-He said you guys were stuck.
-No! Let's get something clear here.
Okay, when Jerry's not here,
you do what I say.
It goes from God to Jerry to me.
Get it?
Hello, Jerry.
-You don't get to use my first name.
-Did I?
How you doing, Mitch?
I'm sure you'll all be friends.
-We're on our way.
I want you to take
your cues from Mitch.
His ideas are
the most original I've seen.
-So Mitch is in charge of the group.
-Really, Jerry?
-You're doing it again.
-Oh, am I?
-Where is Knight?
-He didn't bother to come in today.
-He said he didn't feel like it.
I said, "You better or you'll be
in trouble." He said, "Jam it!"
-Great. You're not stuttering.
-I give myself shock treatments.
Up the voltage.
-I'm sorry he's not here--
-That clown? Look!
Kent decided to start without him.
The yield's insignificant.
We think the sample's damaged.
-Obviously the result of negligence.
It'll take a week to prepare a new
sample. I was afraid of this.
-Are you sure?
-We're sure. Positive.
-Excuse me.
-There is no excuse for it.
-Yeah, Mitch, what is it?
-The pump laser is down.
Well, it seems to be all better now.
Don't touch other people's things!
-Kent, I need you.
-Anything, Jerry.
What? Do you want me to teach
your class for you?
No, I need you to get copies
of all the data so far.
So Mitch can check
everything tomorrow.
-My pleasure.
-After that, stop by my cleaners.
Don't give it a thought.
-Mitch, shall we? On the moment.
Well, I guess it goes from God
to Jerry to you...
...to the cleaners.
Right, Kent?
Library. Library.... 205.
Welcome to Pacific Tech's
"Smart People on Ice."
Let's go skating.
Ick, the ice turned out great!
Yeah, it worked, didn't it?
-How did you do it?
Настоящий гений Настоящий гений

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