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Настоящий гений

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Good morning.
Congressman Doogan.
What brings you around?
I was told there was a situation
of international importance.
The weapon is controlled from
this module, as it would be in space.
This is an exact duplicate
of the cockpit.
The accuracy will be as exact.
-We are nearing the target.
-Open the bomb bay doors.
-Those are serious accusations.
-I know.
If it's true,
I'm going to need proof.
We can accommodate you
in just one minute.
Now, listen to me, Jesus.
This is Jerry's house,
and we're very close.
If you don't answer me,
I'm just gonna have to go in.
-So I'm going.
-No, Kent!
-Get away!
Target locked.
In ten.
-Come out, Kent!
Okay, God!
Let me have it!
I don't understand.
Did it fire?
Yes, but there's a problem.
-It's not shutting down.
-Well, shut it down!
-What's the problem?
-Shut it down!
-Kent, you okay?
-That was great!
Something is very wrong.
Unlock the bird's-eye.
I'm tracking where the shot went.
I want to know it worked.
Oh, no.
-My house.
-What have you done?
All right!
It's Hollyfeld...
...in a Winnebago!
Lazlo, buddy!
I think we used too much.
-I'm sorry you missed it.
-I had to pack.
-Well, I'm getting married.
-To whom?
-What is all this stuff?
Oh, yeah. I won,
31.8% of the prizes.
I'll figure it out.
But not this summer.
Sherry Nugil?
Isn't it great?
This is number one.
I've been looking for him
for ten years.
-What can I say? She loves me.
-You'll have to come and visit us.
I have a little
survival place in Wyoming.
Yeah, it's getting
kinda weird around here.
-Is it getting too weird around here?
-I didn't notice.
-I like it.
Subtitles by
SDI Media GroupCrossbow, this is Watchdog.
Confirm transmissions.
Roger, Watchdog. Crossbow is on
Discriminator, and all systems are go.
Roger, we mark you go
for maneuvering sequence.
Watchdog, this is Crossbow.
Confirm we are go for arm.
Affirmative, Crossbow.
Select electrics to max, vents
to open, and systems to onboard.
-Roger. Crossbow is armed.
We have confirmation.
Rabbit in the hole.
Moving Target Indicator, engaged.
-Pathfinder on. I'm going on the scope.
Scanner on.
Target locked.
Tracking locked.
-Easy does it. That's it.
Hold it right there.
The Crossbow Project. There's no
defence like a good offense.
Mission accomplished.
Mission accomplished.
-Outstanding, Crossbow.
-Just like shooting ducks in a barrel.
Our scientists are
turning an engineering dream...
-...into an effective reality.
-All we have to do is build it.
-Nice weapon, isn't it?
-What did you think, Roy?
I think there weren't
enough girls in it.
I have a tape on alternate uses,
mini-shuttle plans...
...and B-1 modifications
for aerial launch.
Does any responsible agency
know about this?
It's a need-to-know basis.
The CIA's responsible.
They do need to know.
You're gonna cause an escalation.
Our studies indicate
this weapon is useless in warfare.
It's not for war. It's a peacetime
weapon. That's why it's secret.
-So it's both immoral and unethical?
-When do we get it?
There is a tiny technical
problem with the energy source--
I don't want problems.
We have plans for it this summer.
I need a success. I don't need
any delays jeopardizing that.
-Am I making myself clear?
-Clear as vodka.
Tell Dr. Hathaway to get on the stick.
-I'm gonna have to push harder.
-As long as we have a weapon by June.
-I wouldn't know.
I haven't had
a working weapon since Korea.
I'm sorry, this is too much.
-I'm gonna ask for a reassignment.
-I'm sorry to hear that, George.
I urge you to stop.
Thanks for your input.
Sorry you won't be on the team.
Maybe next time.
Too bad. Used to be a good man.
I'm afraid we're gonna
have to liberate George.
Liberate? You
Настоящий гений Настоящий гений

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