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What's happening?
I think the baby wants to cut in here.
-My water broke.
-Okay. We're fine.
We're gonna do it
like the book said.
We're prepared for this.
Nice and easy, right?
-All right?
-Honey, don't stop.
-Can I have a painkiller?
-Can she have a pill?
-lt'll hurt the baby.
-I hurt!
-Doing fine without it.
-But I can't take it.
-It's okay. lt'll be over soon.
I can't take it!
-Try and relax. You're doing great.
-Pattern breathing.
Do the pattern breathing.
Screw the pattern breathing.
I want a painkiller!
Okay. Now push down.
Push down. That's it.
A little harder. Little harder.
Push against my fingers.
Real hard now. Real hard.
-Real hard. That's it. That's the way.
-It's ripping. It's burning.
-Keep pushing. That's it.
-You got it. Push hard. You can do it.
-I can't.
-Take a deep breath.
-Blow out and take a breath.
-That was a good push.
That was great. Baby's coming out.
Real quick breath.
Okay, we're getting close, guys.
-Push, push, push.
-Okay, baby's head is out.
Now, don't push.
Take in nice, slow breaths.
-Oh, my God. Look at it.
-Just breathe. Okay?
It's a girl.
There she is. Take a look at her.
She looks great.
-She's beautiful.
-That was terrific. You're a brave girl.
Perfect. Stan, would you like
to cut the cord?
lsn't there someone
a little more qualified?
Darcy, would you like
to hold your daughter?
She's nice.
I want my mother.
-Stan, would you get my mother?
Let me suction her out
a little bit more.
Right here to the right.
If you could just speak
to her calmly, with sensitivity--
Mrs. Elliot, I've been
an adoption liaison for 1 0 years.
If she gives up her child, she has
six months to change her mind.
No, no, she'll be in Paris by then,
and after that, college.
Excuse me. I'm Mrs. Elliot,
Darcy's mother.
-Bobrucz. Darcy Bobrucz.
Sure. Around the corner, 3C.
Has Darcy seen her baby yet?
Has she seen her baby yet?
Well, I should say so.
Say hi to Grandma.
Oh, my God.
We lose a lot of them this way.
Oh, God.
How's my girl?
I saw her.
She's beautiful.
You cut your hair, huh?
Yeah, I like it.
You know, I don't know why
I didn't think of this before.
We can all go to Paris.
Oh, you know, the Europeans
are so fabulous with babies.
They take them to restaurants
at 11:00 at night...
...give them wine
when they're a day old.
We'll stay in some
quaint little hotel...
...and we'll order up
room service and--
Mom, just forget the trip, okay?
-Stan has to work.
-No, I'm not talking about Stan.
Just you and me and the baby.
It'll be three generations--
Mom, Stan's my husband.
I'm married. Why--?
God, why can't you
just be my mother?
Why can't you just crawl
in bed with me right now...
-...and put your arms around me?
-Just what is it you want?
Just don't be my friend, okay?
-But I am your friend.
-No, I don't want that.
I can't. It comes
with all these strings.
When you're a mother,
you just love somebody. That's it.
-Why can't I be your friend?
-Just get out.
-Just get out.
Leave me alone.
I don't want to be your friend.
-Excuse me. We only had one baby.
-Oh, I know. It does add up.
Here you are.
Seven hundred and fifty dollars?
-We're on a payment plan.
-Those are extras.
Oh, wait, there's more.
Let me have that back.
Sure you don't want to hold her?
How could you
name a baby Theadosia?
We kicked around names like
Jennifer and Leslie and--
-I named her after my grandmother.
-I know, but Theadosia?
It sounds like a Greek fishing boat
or a crater on the moon.
We needed a name
for the birth certificate. I asked you.
Look, call her anything you want.
Just call her something, for chrissake.
Mr. Bobrucz?
Sure you don't want to hold her?
Extra extras.
This is Jeopardy. Now entering
the studio, today's contestants.
This is Jeopardy. Now
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