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Darcy Elliot...
...will you do me the honor...
...of being my lawfully wedded wife?
Please give to Darcy the ring.
The ring.
Please to say after me:
I give you this ring as a sign
of our faith, hope and love.
I give you this ring as a sign
of our faith, hope and love.
I give you this ring as a sign
of our faith, hope and love.
Give me the ring.
May it bind our heart and life.
Excuse me, sir?
May it bind our heart and life.
May it bind our heart and lives.
Oh, that's nice.
-Say it.
-May it bind our hearts and lives.
What's the matter?
My ring's bent.
I'm sorry. I'll get you another one
as soon as I can.
-I promise.
Are we married yet?
Excuse me, sir. Are we married yet?
Married? Yes. Married.
Hey, slim.
How's the alien?
-Are you scared?
-A little.
Are you lying?
A little.
You know, I had this doll once,
a long time ago.
Her name was Wendy Wets.
-She peed.
-She peed? No.
No, she did. She had these
little diapers and everything.
And I had this other doll.
Her name was Tiny Tears.
When she cried, it was real tears.
And then there was Chatty Cathy.
And you pulled a little string on her
back, and she started to talk.
But the thing is...
...I never had one that did everything
all at once. You know?
I felt it.
It moved.
lnside you.
It's you.
It's you inside me.
Let's see now, young fella. Do you
have any shoe-store experience?
Oh, yes, sir. Five summers
and a lot of weekends.
Well, I'm always looking
for experienced help.
What's your angle
on selling shoes?
Treat the lady like a queen. Keep the
horsing around where it belongs:
Out of the store.
-Are you Vic Bobrucz's--?
-Yes, sir.
Well, why do you want
to work for me?
My dad sort of fired me, sir.
You start Friday.
Wow. Thanks.
-Thanks a lot, Mr. Kolby.
-You're welcome.
Hey, Bobrucz...
...your old man is really
gonna be pissed.
Yeah, I know.
Yeah, I know too.
Look, Darcy, we have always
been straight with each other.
I just think leaving now
and starting night school's...
...the best idea for you,
for everyone.
Oh, damn. I gotta run.
Wait. You don't understand.
After the baby, I still wanna go
to college. I wanna be a journalist.
Good. Do it all. Night school's
not gonna stop you.
Let's pick this up in the morning, huh?
Be here at 8.
Miss Giles, I don't think
you have any right...
...advising someone to quit school.
It's unethical and unconstitutional.
Can we do this tomorrow?
God forbid the school
should be embarrassed.
I don't care if the school
gets embarrassed.
I could get fired for this.
The school is not asking you
to drop out. I am.
-You are?
This is a small town.
You are editor of the school paper.
You are popular. I see girls every day
who wanna be like you.
I've seen it happen, Darcy.
Pregnancy is contagious, like suicide.
Oh, give me a break.
I'm only having a baby.
How many teen girls do you think
get pregnant every week?
Twenty thousand.
I'm supposed to feel guilty?
It's my fault if girls get knocked up?
Nobody's asking you
to save the world.
Just to do the responsible thing.
Think about it.
After she explained it, I thought
about it. It won't be so bad.
They cannot make you quit.
We could sue.
-They're not making me.
-It still sucks.
-I'm just gonna go to night school.
-What do you mean, night school?
-Yeah, and I'm gonna get a job too.
-No. My wife is not gonna take a job.
Great, Stan. You sound just like
Fred Flintstone.
Hi, I'm Darcy Elliot.
I mean, Bobrucz.
-Darcy Bobrucz. I think Miss Giles--
-Yes, I was expecting you.
Class, we have a new student.
Say hello.
-Hi, Darcy.
-Hi, Darcy.
-Hi, Darcy.
-Another one.
Darcy, would you like to come here
and sit with us?
How far along are you?
-How far along are you?
-Halfway through senior year.
No, we mean the little stranger.
Oh, six months.
Okay, class, time's up.
Papers to the front.
I don't know. No, I think
I need
 ?  ?

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