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Надолго ли?

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Thanks for dinner.
-I'll call you.
You never told me Stan's gerbil died.
You said he ran away!
This is the smartest thing you've ever
done. It leaves all the options open.
I'll get off work early to be here
when you get home.
We can pretend this whole thing
never happened.
I still think I should go with you.
Mom, we've already settled this.
Lila's going with me.
Stan's picking me up
and taking me to the clinic.
Great, Stan. Okay.
Well, you'll be in and out of there,
honey, you'll see.
Come here.
You okay?
Just thank God you got such
an understanding mother, huh?
So this is the right thing, right?
We said we want to do what's right.
I gotta go.
Call me when you get home.
I'll come over, okay?
Okay. Everything's gonna be fine.
I know it.
-I love you.
-I love you too.
Bye. I love you.
It doesn't seem to want to fit,
Mrs. Sitwell.
Are you sure this is a 5-112?
Definitely, Mrs. Sitwell.
Maybe we should try a size 6, huh?
Not on your life! I wear a 5-112.
Oh, I remember, Mrs. Sitwell.
You know...
...there's something wrong
with that shoe.
-Wrong with it?
I'll see if I have a larger 5-112.
Be right back.
-I'm in a bit of a hurry.
-I'll be back in a jiff, Mrs. Sitwell.
I was thinking about it all day.
Having a kid didn't sound so bad.
Someday we're gonna do it.
-We'll get married--
-I didn't do it.
-I didn't. I tried about 10 times.
I tried to be practical about it.
Then I tried to be casual.
I tried to pretend I was in a hurry.
Just nothing worked.
So now I'm here.
-So you didn't do it.
-I know it makes sense to do it.
I didn't feel like I thought
I would feel about it.
It's not a bad thing. But when I think
about us, I want to have it.
What do you think?
I can go back tomorrow.
No way! We're gonna
have this kid, Darce.
You and me. A Bobrucz
with red hair and your lips.
We'll do it.
What did Hemingway say?
-"You just have to grab for the gusto."
-Beer commercial.
-Well, he said it too!
-I love you, Darcy.
-Can we do it?
-Of course! Our parents did it.
-We were gonna do it anyway.
-We'll do it sooner.
-Is this The Sonny and Cher Show?
Mrs. Sitwell would like
her other shoe back.
So she can leave.
-So when do we tell our folks?
-Do we have to tell them?
-Okay, soon.
The sooner the better.
What do you think of that, Donna?
You better like that!
Like it? I'm stunned.
Yeah, that's the Eiffel Tower.
You plug it in.
It lights up, just like the real one.
I know just where I'd like to put this.
Thank you for the belt, Mrs. Bobrucz.
I saw that in the store, I said to myself,
"Who has a waist that little?"
Our Darcy!
She gets that type of a figure
from her mother.
Now, Donna...
...Merry Christmas.
-Now we're gonna have a toast.
-Thank you.
-Dad, what about us?
-Are you kidding?
Sure, I always get my children loaded
on Christmas.
There's yours.
There's yours. Go out to the icebox,
get yourself some ginger ale.
It's great Stan and Darcy
got us together.
Today, we gonna let
bygones be bygones.
I think even Donna will go along
with me on this one.
There is nothing-- I mean
absolutely nothing like family.
Darcy? Honey?
-Merry Christmas, sweetie.
-Merry Christmas, Stan.
Merry Christmas, honey.
Okay. To family.
After all, this was the day Mary
and Joseph started their little family.
That's funny you should mention that.
Here's the thing.
-We're gonna have one too.
-A family. Darcy and l.
-Oh, well, yeah. Good, great.
God bless you. Someday.
I mean, now.
What the hell are you talking about?
What Stan is trying to say is...
...we've decided to keep the baby.
-You lied.
-No, I didn't lie!
When you asked me how it went,
I said that it wasn't so bad.
But you didn't do anything!
-That's why it wasn't so bad.
-We haven't worked out the details.
Work out this detail! Your future's
Надолго ли? Надолго ли?

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