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added a skylight.
...it's removable.
I wish we had some
Yeah, so do l.
-But I do have a surprise for you.
-You have a surprise?
Yeah. Close your eyes.
Oh, I love surprises.
-What is it?
-I can't tell you.
-Can I open my eyes?
-Not in this forest.
Can I open one eye?
-Can I have a hint?
-Put out your hand.
Oh, that's so sweet.
When'd you get them?
Before we left.
-You're so romantic.
-Here's to forever.
And always.
You know, maybe they were right.
About us.
What are you talking about?
I mean, I don't know,
maybe it's not gonna work out.
People change and drift apart.
Not us. We're different.
-You bet, yeah.
Do you think
we could live in a tent?
I mean, not forever,
just on a permanent basis.
-You and me?
I think we could live anywhere.
As long as it had a skylight.
And maybe a Jacuzzi.
I've never seen so many stars.
Did you see that?
Did you make a wish?
Did you?
Can you think of another way
to say "hygiene"?
Hello, Gene.
"Cleanliness," that's good.
Can I have half?
I'm sorry.
-Teenage lust.
-Uh-oh, sex patrol.
When you start to like boys,
do you have to chew their gum?
Your brother's gum is
the first gum I ever chewed.
-Is that what love is?
-It's a start.
-But you're pals too, right?
-What's a "panimonial" suit?
-We're home!
Thank God! Your daughter wants
to know what a palimony suit is.
-Where does she get that stuff?
-Dr. Ruth.
-Why do you let her watch Dr. Ruth?
-You let her watch.
-Dr. Ruth is funny.
-I'll tell you what palimony is, Mary--
Palimony is when a man gives
a woman the best years of his life...
...and she has the nerve
to want money.
Not just women.
A man in Beverly Hills...
...sued his girlfriend for
half of her tanning salon.
Stay for dinner.
We have glumpkies.
-I'd love to, but it's Thursday.
-Oh, yeah. French night.
-French night!
-Come with me to the Casbah.
-What's a Casbah?
-We have french fries.
-French dressing.
-The french toast.
-And for dessert....
-We've got ice cream. French vanilla.
And french kissing. With gum.
Come on, Darcy.
There's more to life than Big Macs.
-Your job is looking out for your mom.
Okay, it was red,
and now it's pink.
"If there's a change from the original
color, it indicates a positive result."
Positive! So it's positive.
Not positive, good.
Positive, bad.
It's just defective.
We'll take it back.
We'll get another one
and do it again.
Darcy, it's not defective.
Look, my dad's a doctor.
I know about these things.
I can't believe this.
I've been taking the pill forever.
What am I gonna do?
Yo, Stan, thanks for the cleanup.
I owe you one, kid.
-Hi, Mr. Bobrucz.
-Oh, hey! Darcy Elliot.
Kenosha's star reporter.
Are you doing one of those...
...expos stories
on bunions across America?
Hey! No smooching
back there, now.
-lt'll set off the sprinklers.
-Good night, Dad.
I'm going. I'm going.
Boy, you look happy.
If I put your smiling face outside
the store, I'd get a lot more customers.
I know, you got a B plus
on your French exam, right?
-It can't be that bad.
-It is that bad.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Are you sure?
-When was your last period?
-Two months ago.
Two months? I thought
you were taking the pill.
Well, I'm irregular, okay?
That's why I started taking the pill,
to regulate my periods.
My doctor put me on it
when I was 14, and once I forgot.
And then I doubled the next day
just like I was supposed to.
-You said you started taking it for me.
-Well, I lied, okay?
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to lie.
I would've started for you...
...if I wasn't already taking it.
I didn't tell you...
...because I didn't want you
to think I was easy.
We waited two and a half years.
Why would I think you were easy?
-This is all my fault.
It's not like you were there
by yourself, you know?
I never thought it would happen
like this.
I knew it'd be you, I knew that much,
 ?  ?

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