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That's why you kicked me out!
That's why you kicked me out!
You still love me, don't you, Darcy?
Darcy, you still love me!
Believe me, it is just as well
that he left now...
...because he would have left
someday anyway.
Do you remember when Daddy left?
I'm just trying to tell you, honey...
...that sooner or later...
...everybody leaves.
That's just what love's all about.
Oh, but that's not it, Mom.
That's not what love's all about.
Love is about sticking around.
Did you know that Stan did get
into Caltech?
He didn't go, because he loves me.
He cares about me,
and he cares about Thea.
Stan doesn't just disappear
when something bad happens.
Like I do.
Mom, you have a choice to make.
Either you love all of us
or none of us.
Take this. It's gonna get chilly later.
Where's Darcy?
Could you give me a hint?
She went looking for you
back at the school.
Well, I guess we really blew it
this time, didn't we, Thea?
Come on, let's get you home.
-I'm so sorry--
-Caltech doesn't mean anything.
-That's all you ever wanted!
-I want you! I want Thea!
-What about my mother?
-It's okay. We talked.
Okay, what about--?
Did you look inside the flowers?
This one doesn't bend.
It's beautiful.
See, I was....
I was hoping maybe you'd want
to marry me.
I guess you got yourself a wife.
Oh, good.
We better get Thea home.
It's way past her bedtime.
When she's a teen,
she'll have a curfew.
-Ten o'clock.
Maybe 11:00 if they're really in love.
If they're really in love, 8:00.
-I love you, Darcy.
-I love you, Stan.


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