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-Now where are you going?
-The same place I always go. Out.
Nice. Nice.
Excuse me, fella. The lady wants
to buy you a box of Pampers.
My treat, Stan.
So everybody's heading
out next week, huh?
Hey, it's okay.
You don't need to keep up
the conversation.
You don't have to talk or worry
about any bills you have to pay.
Stan, you're a kid.
I think you forgot about that
for a while.
What Darcy did to you was lame.
Really lame.
You know how long I've listened
to my dad rave on about Caltech?
Since I was 10 years old.
I even learned their
goddamn fight song.
You'll never know how I felt
when I was accepted.
How did she talk you out of that?
She never even knew I got in.
But you know what?
When it all came down,
getting married, baby, all of it...
...I found out that the feelings
I had for Darcy were stronger than...
...I could have had
for just about anything.
So you see, it wasn't lame.
It was love.
I gotta go.
Thanks a lot.
Welcome to the Pork Pit.
May I take your order?
I'll have two slabs of baby back
ribs and an order of coleslaw.
Two cages and a side of slaw!
You're a new piggly-wiggly,
aren't you?
Sit down and wait
for your number to be called.
Hi, Darcy. Stan and I had a couple
of beers the other night.
He didn't mention you
learned a new trade.
-Ribs or rinds?
-Unfortunately, nothing happened.
He did mention how excited he was
when he got accepted to Caltech.
He didn't get in to Caltech.
Do you want to order?
Come on, of course he got in,
but he turned it down because of you.
How could you believe he didn't get
in? He was an A student.
How can you be so smart
and so dumb?
I wish I had a guy like Stan who would
blow away the rest of his life for me.
-What a waste.
-Excuse me.
Is my order ready yet?
-Here you go, sir.
-Oh, thank you.
Yeah, Bobrucz. That's right.
Oh, so the scholarship's still good?
He can still go?
Okay, great. Yeah, you just
go ahead and enroll him.
Yeah, he'll be there.
Okay, thank you very much.
So that's it?
That's it.
-Somebody canceled.
-Are you thinking of going with him?
No, there's no married housing
for undergrads.
He has to put in 30 hours
a week work-study.
With no income, it just would never
work. That's why he never told me.
-What are you and Thea gonna do?
-Oh, we'll be just fine.
What about Madison
and journalism--?
I'll worry about that. You make sure
he gets on a plane by Thursday.
Make sure he gets
enough underwear.
-Yeah, but Darc--
They write bad country songs
about this, okay?
I mean, the wife gets tied down
too young.
He ends up hating the wife, hating the
kid, hating everybody, hating himself.
It's just better this way, okay?
Thanks a lot.
I gotta take care of his underwear.
Honey, I'm sorry I didn't
come home last night.
-You have to go.
-I did some thinking.
I got it all worked out.
Did you hear me?
I said, you have to go.
I can't go anywhere. I just got here.
You have to leave.
-Stan, you gotta move out. Now.
-I'll apologize to your mother.
No, it's not about my mother.
It's about us!
I'm not happy.
You're not happy. You don't come
home. When you do come home--
We'll work it out. There's a lot
of stuff. We said that once--
I want a divorce.
Come on, we just got married.
Fine. I'll have it annulled.
It's not a legal marriage anyway.
-Honey, you're tired.
-I said, get out!
Darcy, what is--?
-Now! Get out!
-What are you talking about?
This is my house. Just get up,
just walk out the door!
-Do you hear me?
This is my house!
Get out of my house!
Darcy, come on!
Don't you think you better leave?
-I would've been a great architect.
-You'll be a great architect.
But you gotta go to school first.
Look, maybe you should just can all
this family stuff and get on with...
-...what you're supposed to be doing.
-Forget it.
Look, I gotta tell you something.
I called Caltech.
Your scholarship is still good.
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