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's it! End of the month,
you're out!
Stan, what are you doing?
I fed her. I changed her.
I rocked her--
Well, maybe she's sick.
Did you take her temperature?
Oh, God, she's burning up.
Feel her forehead.
Feel her goddamn forehead!
I'm calling the doctor.
We don't have a phone!
We couldn't pay the bill!
Dr. Sloan. Dr. Herbert Sloan,
line seven.
Dr. Slashen. Dr. Harvey Slashen,
Dr. Federoff. Dr. Joyce Federoff,
line 27 B.
Your baby's fine. Doctor
gave her a little shot of penicillin.
You can take her home in a few hours.
Who will be taking care of the bill?
-My mother is.
-All right. I'll make a copy.
-Thank you.
-Your mother?
-Yeah, I just talked to her.
-What did she say?
Here's the thing.
We're gonna move in with her.
I really, really think
that's a bad idea.
Well, I really don't care
what you think right now.
Mrs. Bobrucz?
Dr. Orsham, Dr. Ed Orsham,
code nine.
Oh, hi.
Oh, yeah? Okay.
Hold on for a second.
It's Lila. She says everybody's
gonna go to the lake tonight.
-She'll pick us up if we want her to.
-I don't want to go.
Why not? We can say goodbye
to everybody before they go to school.
You go. I don't want to.
No, I guess not.
No, I know, but we have a lot of
stuff we need to do around here.
Yeah. Okay, well,
you have a good time, okay?
Say goodbye to everybody for me.
Yeah, I'm all right.
Call me when you get back.
What's she doing here? Thought she
was with her French club buddies.
I don't know. I thought so too.
Stan, come on, put your shirt on.
Do me a favor.
Do not start with her today.
It's hot in here.
Hello, I'm home.
Oh, you're eating, good. I threw that
stew in the Crock-Pot this morning.
How did it turn out?
Oh, you're so sweet.
It's probably awful.
Hi, baby girl.
Oh, my, are we shy, Stan?
Come on.
We don't have any rules
in this house.
And we drink wine with our meals.
Cabernet sauvignon, of course.
Right, Darcy?
You know, honey,
I've been thinking...
...about what you said.
And you're right.
There's no reason why I can't be
your mother and your best friend.
We can talk about this later, okay?
Everything is a learning experience.
We just have to juggle all
of the roles, don't we, Thea? Yeah.
And as a special treat tonight...
...I'm gonna put the baby in my
room so you can get some rest.
That way Thea can sleep with me
just the way Darcy used to.
You won't have to listen
to that old Daddy snore. Yeah.
I don't want beer in this house.
The smell reminds me of your father.
Tell him to use a coaster,
would you, honey, please?
She's driving me crazy. Last week
she said you had too much lipstick on.
She's a mother. They do that.
They put notes on the toilet
saying put the seat down?
Okay, fine. We'll move in
with your dad.
-Oh, now we can't even talk.
-We can talk.
Just don't make that noise.
It sounds like we're making love.
Oh, it's so cute the way you
say that, "making love."
How about making hot, sweaty,
stinky sex? Darcy, do it to me.
-Oh, Stan, shut up!
-Oh, Darcy! Oh, faster!
-Please don't do this to me!
-Get down! I mean it!
-Where did you learn that?
I cannot believe you.
This is completely disgusting.
-You want more? You are something.
-Stop it! Stop it!
Why are you doing this to me?
Stan, come on!
-You love it! You know you love it!
-Stop it right now, please.
-Don't pound so hard.
-Faster! Oh, yes!
-Come on!
-You know you love it.
You're gonna break the bed!
This is really sleazy.
I can't believe you.
-Oh, you are out of control.
-Stan, get down!
-I am getting down!
-Get down right now. This isn't funny.
Excuse me, you wouldn't happen
to have a cigarette?
No, I don't smoke.
Oh, well, thanks anyway.
-Good night.
-Good night.
Oh, my God.
She doesn't smoke, she says.
Where are you going?
I'm going to sleep with my mother.
Good. I always thought somebody
should sleep with
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