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Надолго ли?

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now, Thea. Dinner's over.
It's time to go to sleep, Thea.
Your daddy's gonna come home,
and he's gonna be so happy.
He loves you so much.
Mrs. Bobolitz? It's the police.
Okay, just a minute.
It's the police. Things are gonna be
just fine now.
I'm coming.
-We got the guy you called about.
-Oh, thank you.
There's only one thing.
He says he knows you.
Knows me?
You want to press charges,
Mrs. Bobolitz?
No. No, thank you.
-Would you like to come in?
-Oh, yeah.
-Thank you, officers.
-Thank you, officers.
I didn't mean to scare you or anything.
Would you like to see Thea?
She's in her crib.
Fresh oranges, fresh apples
and fresh pears.
Fresh lemons.
-She's beautiful.
-Thank you.
-Would you like to hold her?
Why don't you put that down first.
Say hello to your grandpa.
I'll tell you one thing.
I don't care if she is a girl...
...this kid's going to Caltech.
"Secretary, secretary,
secretary, medica--"
Oh, this looks good. "Big Bucks.
Housewives, make extra cash
in your spare time. Telephone sales."
That means I could take Thea.
Darce, that's Thea's thermometer.
-Hey, honey. Hi, Lila.
-Hi, Bobrucz.
Hey there, skeezer.
So, what do you think
of your old man anyway?
Next week he's
a high-school graduate.
Right now he's late for his
roofing job and he's gotta change.
Wait. I got night school. I thought
your roofing job started next week.
They changed it. We need the money.
I can't blow this gig.
-I can't blow school. I won't graduate.
-This is important.
-You think not graduating isn't--?
-Come to Auntie Lila.
-I'll read her a bedtime story.
-Oh, thanks.
Listen, there's two bottles
of milk in the fridge.
And those are her diapers there.
I love you. Bye, honey.
Okay. Don't worry about it.
Oh, Thea. Thea.
Come on, sweetie.
"Once upon a time...
...in the land of abnormal psychosis...
...there lived a grand mal seizure."
This is a real shit job.
The pay's bad too.
But it's steady work, and it cleans
all the snot out of your nose.
I've been doing this for 20 years.
I still love the smell of tar
on a hot roof.
Someone's feeling very sexy.
They cut off the electricity, Stan.
What do you mean?
Didn't you pay the bill?
The check bounced...
...because we had to make
a double hospital payment.
What about these? You don't take
care of bills by stuffing them in box.
We didn't have the money to pay
them. What do you expect?
-We're in deep shit.
-No kidding.
-We have to do a little belt-tightening.
-We have to do more than that.
Maybe it's time we ask
your dad for some money.
What? I do not take handouts.
Sure, better let Thea starve
than hurt your pride.
We'll do less entertaining.
There's no reason
in God's green earth...
...we have to have chocolate milk
at all times...
...or French goddamn roast goddamn
coffee with goddamn cinnamon!
Thea's medication is costing a fortune.
Dr. Barrick is hounding us for his bill.
We spend $35 a week
on disposable diapers.
Why are you buying
disposable diapers?
What's wrong with the cloth kind
my mom used on me?
You sounded like your father
when you said that.
I don't have a father.
This is not getting us anywhere.
We gotta do some planning.
How are we gonna pay for college?
College! Are you in outer space?
We can't pay our electric bill!
Forget college, Darcy!
We're not going!
Let's think about this. What about
next year? Maybe we can save up.
We'll be here next year
and the year after that. This is it!
Home sweet home. I'm a roofer.
And you, if you're lucky,
you'll go to beauty school.
We really aren't going, are we?
We're really not gonna go anywhere.
Oh, yeah? I am.
I'm going out for a beer.
Oh, well, good. Why don't you
just rob a bank while you're at it!
-You shouldn't leave your baby alone.
-I didn't leave her alone.
The kid's been crying all afternoon.
Somebody ought to turn you in.
You shouldn't leave your baby alone!
I didn't.
Надолго ли? Надолго ли?

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