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Well, it looks like, could be
and probably is a little after 7 a.m...
...on a sleepy Saturday morning
in Kenosha...
...which, right now, is as lively as any
other town in the world at 7 a.m.
Except here, a cool jock
with hot rock...
...me, Laid-back Larry, in the mind
of mellow Middle America...
...happening for you early-rising
lovers of life, love...
...and the pursuit of music,
rain or shine.
And the rain is coming.
Light showers predicted...
...clearing this afternoon.
Now, from the top
of the charts, the beautiful--
Darcy, Lila's here.
Hi, Mrs. Elliot.
-Darcy, we're gonna be late.
-I know. I'm almost done.
Is that your article
on Senator Proxmire?
-I thought you mailed it.
-I'm excited for you girls!
-A weekend at a college!
-You didn't mail it?
That press conference
last night changed everything.
-I hate this stupid thing!
-Are you done?
I know Darcy would love me
to come...
...but I have to work if Darcy and I
are gonna go to Paris.
-That's what she said. Come on.
-I'm done. I'll mail it on the road.
The news said it was gonna rain,
but it looks nice out to me.
So you're gonna be staying
in a dorm?
I'm not prying.
You're entitled to your space.
Mother. You're standing
in my space.
Oh. Okay, give me a kiss.
Come on.
-Have fun.
Maybe you'll meet some
university men, huh, girls?
Right, Mom.
I wouldn't mind you meeting
some new boys.
There, I've said it.
Mom, what time do you have
to be at work?
Oh, yeah, I guess
I better get going.
You drive carefully, Lila.
Why didn't I think of that?
Call me if you meet
someone special.
You guys. So romantic,
you two going off together.
Spending the night together.
-Got the map?
-Got the map.
Alone together for the first time.
-In the car. Thermos?
-Full. Thanks for covering me.
-Don't worry about it.
-See you tomorrow, pal.
-Bye, guys.
How long is it gonna take
to get there?
About two hours.
If we don't, you know, stop.
What if we do, you know, stop?
We may never get there.
-Maybe we shouldn't have stopped.
-Oh, but what if I'm late?
-I won't let you be late.
Well, I guess a little late
wouldn't hurt, huh?
I love you, Darcy.
I love you, Stan.
I'm so nervous.
What if he doesn't like my stuff?
-He's gonna love it.
-They say he's the toughest editor.
-You're the best.
-If he doesn't ask...
...for what you write,
you won't work on the paper.
He's not gonna ask.
He's gonna beg.
He's gonna get on his knees
and say:
"Darcy Elliot, please send us
every word you write."
Yeah, what if he doesn't?
God, my socks are still wet.
Your state representative actually
spoke at your school assembly?
Did you read what he said?
He really gave it to our mayor.
"Swampy soccer field
flooded with frogs"?
A couple thousand of them.
I asked the
Department of Agriculture.
Their water table had risen,
so the eggs didn't dry up--
That's quite a story.
I hope The Washington Post
picked that one up.
Look, Donald, this sounds like
small potatoes to you--
It's Ronald.
Excuse me. Ronald.
The frogs were big news
at my school...
...and in Kenosha, where I live
and find my stories.
Know Mike Royko?
He writes about Chicago.
Fran Lebowitz writes about New York.
I write about Kenosha.
Tell you what. Send me what
you write this year.
We'll see what we can do.
I like your passion.
-Are you going here too?
Caltech, architecture.
-If my scholarship comes through.
-He'll get it.
So you'll be here,
and he'll be in California?
-We'll manage.
-Live for holidays and vacations?
-You know it.
-Right. Thanks, Ronald.
Thanks, Beth. Bye.
To be young again.
-Piece of shit.
-So incredible.
I can't believe it looks exactly
like your design.
My mom did the hard work,
the stitching.
And I can't believe

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