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На лоне природы

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- Not recently.
I'll be picking splinters out of it till I die!
- Honey, come on.
- You find that funny? Hysterical!
It wasn't funny
but because I love you...
- Thanks a lot!
- What about the kids?
His kids? All right.
Let's talk about his kids.
They're spooky. I'm waiting for their
heads to rotate and vomit pea soup.
- I mean our kids.
- Our kids already do that.
What about this father-son thing?
You're gonna leave? Come on.
- He's driving me crazy!
- You're a big man.
You're a nice man
and you're above all this.
- Oh, don't.
- You are.
- Come on.
- I know it to be true.
Don't. Come on, I'm mad. I'm mad.
Come on. All right, all right.
Am I being silly?
Crazy. Stop.
- Why do you always do this?
- I'm crazy about you. Kiss me.
- Feel better?
- I do. I'm sorry. I feel like a kid.
Why did you do this? I was ready to go!
Why? I was almost in the car.
Now I've got to spend a week
with Roman.
You're gonna have fun from now on.
Roman's making goat-cheese pizza
to take to the lodge.
- Making what?
- Er...
- What did you say?
- Pizza.
- You said something else.
- Big man pizza.
What are you hiding?
- Tell me what it is.
- Pizza.
No. You said a goat. Is he making
goat pizza? Hey, come here!
Roman, I've got a few things
to gnaw over with you.
What's up?
I found your kids
inside the mine perimeter.
- What mine?
- There's an old mica mine.
It's full of boreholes,
sinkholes, pits, caves, hollows.
The war shut the facility down.
Anyway the kids go there
and yell down the holes
so they can hear their voices echo.
I won't tell you
what the teenagers do.
- I'll bet!
- Tell Ripley too.
Take care of them, Roman.
We could see a female
Elvis impersonator at Whitewater
and you want to wish happy birthday
to some guy?
If you want to go to Whitewater, go.
I find it more interesting
to pay my respects
to a man who's lived on this earth
109 years.
He's the oldest man in Canada.
Isn't that something?
I'd rather see a 46-inch bust
singing Burning Love.
Hey, Wally.
How about a nice club soda?
I'm driving tonight.
Nice outfit.
You're Mr. Coordinated tonight.
- Well...
- Quite the look on you.
Yeah. Well, the pants are riding
up the butt something fierce but...
look at that.
- Wally, how's the bear dump situation?
- We got a good one.
Good evening, sir. Happy birthday.
He must be hard of hearing
or something. Try again.
Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
Do you speak English?
Our sincerest congratulations, sir.
You wishing Mr. Tomkins
a happy birthday?
I don't think the guy can hear us.
How about a nice group photo?
Everybody get in there.
- I push the red button?
- Yeah.
- How do you focus?
- You don't.
- You don't focus?
- Push the button.
I don't like them climbing around
Mr. Tomkins. He ain't no jungle gym.
Girls, why don't you kiss Mr. Tomkins
on the cheek?
- No.
- A nice kiss on the cheek.
Come on, it's cute!
What old man wouldn't like it?
A dead one.
Bill died in the car on the way over.
- Jesus, Dad!
- Go wash. Go wash.
- I touched him.
- In the bathroom.
- How could you do that?
- I didn't. He did it.
You're disgusting! Kids?
That was a really good shot, Ben.
Really good.
What the hell?
Hey! You gave her a class goose
with the pool cue.
She's so cute.
Violent but cute.
You got chalk right there.
- Look, I'll be back in a minute.
- What about the bear dump?
Hey, it's crowded. This is great.
- Yeah, Dad.
- A lot of people are hip to this.
Oh, yeah. Hey!
Right. Look at those bears. Huh?
Are you scared or what?
Look at the bears!
- They're great, Dad.
- "They're great, Dad."
You're gonna see some bears.
- Dad?
- Shh, shh, shh.
Here you go! A nice Zagnut.
Yeah. Come on.
Come on.
Come on. More.
Come on. Here's some more.
Jeez. Boy, he likes those.
Now we'll get some action.
Big head on him. Ooh, boy.
Easy, easy there. Easy.
Come on, watch the paint job! Hey, shoo!
Look at the size of
На лоне природы На лоне природы

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