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На лоне природы

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Lady of Victory, pray for us.
Break! Let's go.
Watch the doors.
Whoa! Trees in the parking lot!
Nature all around us, boys.
Take it in. Take it all in.
I'm gonna go check us in.
This is great.
Well? Is this a real north woods
lodge or what?
- Uh-huh.
- It's great.
Check out the shotgun lamp.
Isn't that something?
You don't see that every day.
Hello? Anybody home?
- Looks the same, doesn't it?
- Doesn't it?
- Smells the same too.
- Yeah, it does. Hello!
- Do they have chickens?
- What's this?
"For prompt service, blow me."
- Interesting touch.
- Charming.
- Blow it.
- Shall I?
Don't mind Wormer. She hates people.
Wormer, shut the frig up.
What can I do you for?
What happened to that dog's face?
Porcupine quills.
Loves porcupines, hates people.
She's in heat too.
Too bad you're not a dog.
What can I do you for?
Has your dog ever had a bath before?
There she is.
That's a gorgeous cabin.
OK. Hold it. That's good enough.
That's bigger
than our honeymoon cabin.
You city-dwelling fools
are lucky to have this cabin.
- It became available yesterday.
- We call it "the loon's nest".
- Know what a loon is?
- Yeah, we have one in our family.
We had a fishing party in there.
They caught their limit and blew.
- It's all redecorated.
- Every bit.
We sank over 300 bucks into it,
not counting what we spent on Lysol.
- Is that right?
- It's beautiful. Enjoy your stay.
- Thanks.
- How could you not in this place?
You could get the shits
from the well water.
- What did he say?
- I missed it.
What a gas.
Chet's gonna shit a solid gold brick!
I'll go see where he's bivouacked
the family.
This is very unfair, Roman.
What? We're a family,
for crying out loud!
We're always inviting Chet and Connie
to the islands.
- We weren't invited here.
- They'll be tickled to see us.
Honey? I found out
what was stinking up the shower.
A present from me to you.
How thoughtful.
Put it in there with the others.
There's fish everywhere.
Look, a pink one.
All right, let's leave this stuff
right here, OK?
Get your bathing suit
and we'll go to the lake.
No, you go.
I just can't seem to relax in filth.
We'll all clean up later. Let's go.
Someone has to find the toilet seat.
- Buck found it on the sun porch.
- Sun porch?
- It makes you wonder.
- No excuses.
- What are you doing?
- I don't know.
- Stop it.
- The kids are at the lake.
- Chet, what are you doing?
- Nothing.
Honey, no.
We got the house to ourselves. Hello!
Oh, no, what happened? I'm sorry.
I just don't feel like this.
I'm tired, I'm stinky.
- Come on.
- What are you doing?
- We got the house by ourselves.
- What about the kids?
- They're down the lake.
- Don't!
- Let's go to the bedroom.
- Why?
That's the great thing
about being in the woods.
- What are you feeding me now?
- Come on.
You can run around naked
and you won't run into anybody.
- Is that right?
- Yes.
Do you think it's possible
that we could play fashion parade?
- I don't want to play.
- Why?
- You get to wear the good outfits.
- I'll let you wear them.
- You will?
- You will be Shelana.
- Shelana, the oak tree woman.
- I love being the oak tree woman!
- Temptress of the woods.
- Yes!
And I will be Burt. A guy named Burt.
I love it when you're Burt.
You're always so manly.
Or I could be Smokey's cousin Horny.
- He has endurance too.
- Yes, he does.
Anybody home?
Shelana the woods temptress
with Horny the bear, Smokey's cousin?
- Turn that off.
- Oh, yeah! No, Chester, you said it.
Do it on the floor!
Beautiful style. That's all right.
Role-playing helps in a marriage
after a while.
Turn the damn thing off.
That was quite a surprise.
You got me.
And the whole week you'll be here.
Ha-ha, OK!
Oh, wow. Just something.
Anyway, you're an intelligent man.
Thank you.
- Make a good living.
- Not bad.
- Got a good life.
- Pretty good.
- Answer me this.
На лоне природы На лоне природы

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