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На лоне природы

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- (Ben) No, they suck blood.
(Chet) Would you watch the hook?!
Where's the flashlight?
(Roman) Behind you.
You owe me big for this!
(Big splash, Roman laughing)
(Chet) Very funny.
Give me a leech, will you?
Has everybody got their leech?
All right, on the count of three,
insert your hook.
One, two, three.
(All groan)
(Thunder rumbles)
(All screaming)
May I speak with Cammie?
Hold on just a minute. Cammie, phone.
Cammie's really busy,
may I take a message?
All right, just tell her that Buck called.
OK, fine, Buck. Goodbye.
- What are you up to?
- What's it look like?
- It looks like you're wanking your crank.
- I'm trying to build a fire.
You'll never get a fire going that way.
You don't crumple a newspaper up,
you twist it,
lengthwise, to simulate kindling.
Maybe, Roman, just maybe,
I'm trying to heat up the flue.
He's heating the flue. Meanwhile,
the humans are freezing to death.
- I'm really not cold. Not at all.
- Thank you for sharing that.
I'm so sorry, Roman. Forgive me.
Why don't you come over
and show me how to do it?
You talk a great game,
let's see some action.
After all, you know everything.
You always know exactly what to do.
Katie, you were right,
we should have gone to Europe
or Antarctica or the Dead Sea.
We would have had more fun.
Is that a fact? Nobody forced you
to come up here, buddy boy.
As a matter of fact,
I don't remember anybody inviting you.
Do you remember inviting him?
I sure as hell don't.
- And what does that statement mean?
- You figure it out for yourself.
You specify, you clarify for me.
Just as a common courtesy.
- You know what he means.
- They're saying we're not welcome.
Oh! What did I hear? We've got a bingo!
You did figure it out, Kate.
So, now it's all starting to ooze out.
It's very interesting, isn't it?
Yeah, very.
Especially since we threw aside our
plans, and we had a great trip planned,
to come up here
to show these dead-asses
how to start to learn to have a good time.
Thanks for ruining my vacation.
What was that? Ruining your vacation?
Is that what you said?
Oh, come on, I don't believe
I heard you say that.
- You'd better believe it.
- Don't push it.
You ain't even seen pushing yet.
The trouble with you, Ripley,
is you wouldn't know a good time
if it fell on you.
You got an awful lot of nerve,
a lot of nerve.
It's served me well.
I'm the one with the Mercedes.
By the way, is it paid for?
- Are you jealous, Chester?
- Don't call me Chester.
Call me that and you'll go home
with a dent in your forehead.
- Yeah, that'll be the day.
- Would you like one to match his?
- You wanna go right now?
- Dad, no one's denting anybody.
- Thanks, Bucky.
- Bite the big one, Uncle Roman.
- Don't talk to adults that way.
- Why not?
- Because it's rude.
- Oh, blow it out your ass.
- Let's go. Come on, girls.
- (Roman) Good idea.
(Chet) It's the first good idea you've had
since you've been here.
And don't steal any of our stuff.
- Ha! What stuff is there to steal?
- We got stuff!
- You're a louse.
- Well, go find yourself a spin cycle.
Yeah, go find yourself a spin cycle.
- What does that mean?
- Never mind.
- Dad?
- Yes, Ben.
Does this mean we won't get
a present from Uncle Roman?
Blow it out your ass.
Nobody's blowing anything
out their ass.
It's just a little problem, it doesn't mean
we don't love your uncle and aunt,
it just means
we are having some emotions.
What it means is that I'd like
to blow Uncle Roman out my ass.
I don't want any more about
anyone blowing anything out their ass.
You might as well
blow the whole family out your ass, Dad.
Do you understand what's going on?
You understand what we're saying?
Aunt Kate and Uncle Roman
are buttheads.
All right, troops, mount up.
We're ready to roll.
- You all packed?
- Actually, I was thinking things over.
And I'm gonna tell you something
I had previously decided not to.
На лоне природы На лоне природы

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