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На лоне природы

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that's fine.
- Bye.
- Good-bye.
I think it's a real testament
to the strength of the family...
that we can disagree
so vehemently,
and get on each other's nerves
so badly over the past week,
and still part on good terms.
After all the disagreements
that you and Chet had,
you still thought to include him
in that investment.
I thought it was a wonderful
moment of trust on his part...
that he wrote you
that check.
That's a lot of money
for him.
From what I gathered from Connie,
it's probably half a year's salary.
I wouldn't be surprised if that was
Ben and Buck's college money.
You know, you have a knack with
money, and I think it's great...
that you're sharing it with him, and I
think it's great that he accepted your offer.
That he trusts you
with his financial well-being.
- I hope this investment
really works out for them.
- I gotta go back.
- Did you forget something?
Honey, you're scaring me.
Are you all right?
I'll be all right
once I settle this.
Roman, what are you doing?
- Katie, sit down.
- What?
You'll need to sit down
to hear what I have to say.
Oh, gee, it's wet!
Hurry up!
Let's go.
Chet, I'm gonna level with ya.
I'm a phony, I'm a fraud,
I'm a fake.
From my $15 imitation Bally slip-ons
to our replicated Rolexes.
We're broke, we're bankrupt,
we're busted.
We're busted?
We were living well, right?
Well beyond our means.
I'm full of shit, Chet. I haven't
been trading in over two years.
This deal came up, it looked good,
I got overextended,
couldn't meet my calls,
I lost my seat on the exchange.
I go to work every morning.
But now I wear a blue runner's jacket
and fetch coffee.
I lost everything.
Why didn't you tell me?
Did you think I wouldn't understand?
Baby, I knew you'd understand.
But I also knew you wouldn't let me come
up here and put the bite on Connie and Chet.
- It was my last hope.
- Look, Roman.
You know I never
turn my back on family.
I know.
That's why I came up here.
By the way, that story about you and
your brother in the can at the wedding?
I made it up.
You what?
You made it up?
All right,
I got it.
Oh, geez!
Oh, what happened?
- Power's out!
- Where's the flashlight?
- What happened to the lights?
- You kids been foolin' around with the flashlight?
Look at this.
$110 for a lighter.
- It doesn't even work.
- Seventy-nine cents. Ha!
Whoa! Hot!
I haven't seen weather
like this for years.
Where are the girls?
Have you seen them?
- Have you seen them?
- No.
All right, spread out. Let's look for them.
They're hidin' under a bed or somethin'.
- It's this way.
- No, it's this way. I remember.
Look for a big hole.
We'll find 'em, Katie.
They're gonna be all right. They'll
be okay. Don't worry about a thing.
I want you boys to stay here and look
after your mother and your aunt.
- We'll help you.
- Don't give me any lip. There's too much lightning out there.
Here's the fence.
Here's the fence.
Hey, wait for me!
Cara! Mara!
- Try this way.
- Okay.
There we go.
There we go.
I can't see anything.
- Oh, neat!
- I found it. I wanna go first.
No, I wanna!
I wanna!
- Hello?
- Hello?
Cara! Mara!
Cara! Mara!
Cara! Mara!
Cara! Mara!
- Help! Help!
- Put your light up there.
Girls, is that you? Girls!
It's your Uncle Chet.
Are you all right?
We'll be right down.
Go on.
- Not me.
- What?
I'm claustrophobic. I get in
a closed-up space and I lock up.
- What if I lose it?
- You won't lose it.
What if I blow it? What are we
gonna do? We gotta get help.
We don't have time.
You can do it.
Roman, they're your children.
Be their father, for God sakes.
For the first time
in your life, be their father.
Now, come on.
Get in there and help your kids.
Girls, your dad will
be right down. Daddy's comin'.
- Let's go. You can do it.
- All right.
Come on. There you go.
I'm gonna go get a light
and some
На лоне природы На лоне природы

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