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part of the float.
Okay, good, good.
Then Father Levesque will say,
''Suffer the little children
to come unto me.''
Here, take one of these.
-Then l will hold out my hands,
then you will come
forward with the child,
bring the afflicted
child forward...
...so that the child...
so that the child can join
the group of
afflicted children.
l'm trying to explain
these rules to you,
Yeah, l'm listening,
l'm listening.
so that you will be
able to follow them
when the time comes.
Good, okay, good.
Then, the child will
stand in the group.
-You will stand near the child
-Okay, okay.
and wait for the signal
from Father Levesque.
-Okay, good, good.
-Are you following this,
Yes, l'm listening.
because we won't be
able to discuss it
-at the time.
-Uh-huh, okay, okay.
We can only discuss it now.
Hail Mary.
-Now, first,
we will all gather
into the square,
and then there will
be the brass band,
and the children's choir
will say the ''Ave Maria,''
and then they will raise
the crucifix,
the altar boys will gather,
Father Levesque will raise
his hand, and then you say what?
l say, ''Follow,''
uh... ''l will pray
for the inter...
''inter... in-inter... in-int...
The intercession.
of the unfortunates.''
-You got my money?
Excuse me?
You got my money?
The Procession's starting
in 15 minutes.
What's this? Excuse me,
aren't we going to
finish discussing this?
Yeah, it's going
to be fine, will ya?
Hey, you are one
money-grubbing bitch!
What's the matter with you?!
Whatever, but the kid
don't march in the parade
without l get
a hundred bucks.
Hey, you're going
to get your money!
You're going to get
your goddamn money!
How'd you get this way?!
None of your business.
What are you to me?
What are you to me?
What? You want me to pray?
You want me to screw?
You want me to march
in the parade? Pay me.
Nice talk in front
of your kid, huh?
She can't hear you.
She's deaf.
They shot him!
They shot him!
They shot who?
They shot who?
The one they were
looking for, the convict.
He was trying
to steal the money.
They shot the convict!
They shot the convict!
He tried to get away,
but they shot him.
They shot the convict.
Oh. Where? Where? Where?
Well, he ran inside
the general store.
Well, they chased him
inside the general store,
and he tried to get a gun.
Move! Move! Move! Move!
Move! Move! Move!
-Move! Move!
-Coming through!
Warden, l was just about to...
Send for the doc.
Get some more men over here.
lt's him.
We've got our convict.
l think he needs a priest.
l'm a priest.
Father... Father,
l've been shot.
l'm very happy for you.
He was trying to steal.
l saw him over
by the gun case...
Come on, come on,
get him out here.
Get him locked up.
lf he's gonna die,
let him die in jail!
lt's a priest!
lt's a priest!
Let him through.
Jimmy, l'm so sorry-- l told you
we got to get out of here.
What the hell are you talking
about? l ain't gonna die!
Get this goddamn priest
out of here!
This man is on his last leg.
Come on, hurry up!
Get out of the way,
get out of the way, move back.
Come on, get that goddamn thing
in here.
All right. Gently, men, gently.
Get him down.
Come on, get him down there.
Now, look,
he gives you any sass,
you let him drown
in his own blood.
Wait a minute. Wait a minute!
Get me that priest.
Get me that priest!
l want to talk
to that priest.
Father, this way now.
l want to confess my sins!
You son of a bitch, ain't there
a Christian among you?!
All right, Father, this way.
He don't look that sick.
Excuse me.
l don't think he's religious.
Get me that priest!
Forgive this poor boy
for what he did.
He knew not what he did.
Deliver him from evil. Amen.
But let him... let him...
let his soul rest
in some peace
for all the terrible
sins he did.
He... he was a bad
 -   -


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