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you're looking for
is ''praying,'' l believe.
lt's not easy being
a priest all the time.
l understand.
Don't worry.
lt'll be all right,
my son.
S-Sometimes it...
Sometimes l...
lt doesn't
help though.
There is no help.
Did you ask Her?
l suppose l did.
For what?
For help to get from one place
to another place.
She's never let me down.
Will you be marching
in the Procession tomorrow?
Well, Father, in truth,
l have other things to do.
l understand.
That is a long walk into Canada.
lnto Canada?
Yes, it's a long walk
all the way,
with the Shrine, into Canada.
Oh. Oh!
Are we still doing that?
Carry... uh,
we're carrying it?
Carrying it...
the thing... into Canada?
Yes, we're still doing it--
across the bridge
to our sister church
on the Canadian side.
Okay, thank you.
l changed my mind.
l want to march
in the Procession.
lt's too late.
What do you mean, too late?
You're late.
You're a day late.
Well, we got delayed.
They just closed up the list.
Well, open the list up.
Can't do it.
What do you mean,
you can't do it?
Can't do it.
Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
You want me
to go above your head?
He doesn't understand
the meaning of the phrase.
Uh-huh. He doesn't?
lt means, l'm going
to go to the head man.
l'm going to rat you out.
l got a problem.
l got a right to march
in that Procession.
Now, you sign me up!
This is not
a Christian attitude.
You know what?
You tell him, tough!
He says that there is, uh,
something wrong about you.
Yeah? You tell him
he don't know the half of it,
unless he puts my name
on that list.
All right.
Who will your afflicted be?
l'm sorry?
He says,
''Are you deaf?''
Who will your afflicted be?
Who will be the afflicted person
you will be
escorting in prayer
for the intercession
of the Virgin?
Why, we just thought
we'd be going ourselves.
Yes. Yes, that...
Yes. That's lovely.
Let's live our lives
with no rules at all.
Now, who will be the sick
or crippled
or disabled person whom
you will be escorting across?
Hey! Hey!
Where's your mother?
Where's your mother?
Where's your mother? Huh?
Where's Mommy?
Ah! Mr. Holiness.
Let me help you with this.
Oh, no. l don't need your help.
l want to ask you something.
What, you want to take me
upstairs for a ride?
You've got your nerve.
Yeah. Yeah! l'm a sinner.
Oh. Big of you to say so.
But l want to change.
Oh. Good luck.
l want to take your little girl
on the Procession of the Shrine.
You go to hell!
Why, what's the matter?
You don't believe
in Divine Grace?
l told you, piss off!
l don't... l don't
need your magic show.
lf God wants to take
your little girl...
Hey, l told you, l don't want
your goddamn mumbo jumbo,
and l won't let you
curse my kid with it.
Wait a second. Please.
Please. Please.
lsn't there anything...
lsn't there anything which
would change your mind?
What could l do
to change your mind?
l'll tell you what
would convince me.
Jimmy. Jim...
Father Brown?
Father Brown.
Hey, Ned.
l have to talk to you.
ls there anything else
l should know, l mean, at all?
ls this too scratchy?
You get used to it.
l have to talk to you.
-Not now, Ned.
l've got to work, okay?
l made my mind up.
What, what?
l'm going to check
into a deal here.
What deal?
Father Brown was going
to join our order.
lt's three squares and a cot.
l told you, Ned,
l'm not going back in.
l got the way out, Jimmy.
l got the way out!
-You do?
We're about 300 feet
from freedom,
and l can get us across.
Don't go native on me now.
What are you trying to do,
shine on my pal, huh?
Changed our minds.
Sorry, changed our mind.
l can't believe it, Ned--
they're going to catch us.
No, no, l promise you.
No. All we need's a hundred
bucks off that shrine out there.
Now, when the
Procession starts,
l am going to be holding
onto a
 -   -


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