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lf l believe?
l can't talk to you now.
Well, you could talk
to me before,
when all you had
was shame and all.
Why can't you talk now?
-Why can't you talk now?!
-You're making a scene.
Hey, uh, what's that
compared to eternal life?
Well, they've gotta be
in this area,
or they would have frozen
in the woods.
You got a lot of spunk now.
Why don't you just
get out of here!
Will you beat it?!
Get out here!
Screw you, Your Holiness!
What, you think l didn't see
the way you looked at me--
l said l'd go to bed with you?
Will you...
for Christ's sake,
will you shut up?
What are you, too scared
or too cheap?
lf God really made the world,
he should have put
some men in it.
Look, you want to answer
my question for me?
l... l can't do it.
You want to lead us
to the shrine?
You want to wash
away our sins?
l'm ready to change.
Go on, get this up!
Damn you. Damn you.
l'm already damned, Father.
l'm damned to hell for adultery.
l'm damned for eternity.
What's a little rudeness
going to get me, two more weeks?
That's what l want to know.
Everybody's saying how l...
Go away. Get out.
You had no business
to come to my room.
Get out of here.
What, was that
the act of a man?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Who are you? Who are you?
You don't know
what your life is.
You don't know
what my life is.
Who are you?
Live your own life.
Just live your own life!
Hey, why don't you?
Who the hell are you
to talk to me?
Why are you stuck up
in a monastery?
Watch my little girl.
We have a populace.
You do not have a populace.
When l am gone,
you have a populace.
Until then, all you've
got is a bunch of suspects.
All right, how do we
get past the warden?
She's deaf.
Okay, okay.
We can do this. We can do this.
We just need a little thought.
We need a plan.
We're not going to panic, huh?
Every house, clear it out!
Send in the dogs!
-Smoke them out!
-Well, people live here.
l don't give a goddamn!
People can live here
when those men are dead.
-Now, just go easy.
You've got the wrong man.
You got the convict clothing?
What? Huh? Yes.
We're going to go
house to house.
Take some men around there.
-Go, go around there.
-l'll do it.
You stay here on the side
with me.
Get the dogs, come on.
Follow me. Follow me.
Over here. Over here, this way.
l've been in tougher spots
than this before.
He's over there!
Easy, boy! Easy, boy!
Who's in there?
Good evening.
Hi, there.
Good luck on the
lottery tomorrow.
You're not wearing any shoes.
lt brings us closer
to the earth.
So this is the statue
that cries?
l guess it is.
And what does it do?
lt grants wishes?
l know what
l'd wish for right now.
l'd wish for two
new pairs of shoes.
Please, lady, give me and Ned,
two new pairs of shoes.
l say we try
the river tonight, Ned.
Yeah, what do we do,
walk on the water?
Steal a boat?
They got the waterfront sewed up
tighter than a football.
Hey, what are you...?
Wait. We're not going back?!
l mean, Bob...
Bob got across.
You don't know
that Bobby got across.
We got to believe that, Ned.
We got to.
We do?
Oh, yeah.
Because if we don't,
what are we going to believe?
Where you going?
To prayers and dinner.
Get back!
Get back!
l'm telling you,
nobody lives here
except for the goddamned...
the bugs.
Lady, l know you think
l'm a bad guy, but l know...
and l know you been watching me.
but l'm not a bad person.
Please, don't...
don't let them take me back.
Please don't let them
take me back.
The Weeping Madonna.
Oh. Hello, Father.
That's the wonderful thing
about what you've written--
you and your friend.
We must never forget
that it's simply
a hole in the roof.
That's why we were
so glad you could come.
You know, your notion
on the true meaning
of a miracle--
well, l just want to thank you.
l'm sorry if l disturbed you.
Ah, well, uh, no,
l was just, uh...
The word
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- Daenseo-ui sunjeong

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