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l don't care a damn thing.
l told you,
it's all superstition
far as l'm concerned.
That's fine.
Now you just drop us off
at a town.
l'll tell you what else--
you get people worked up...
you get people worked up
over that shrine of yours,
that Weeping Virgin.
We'll get out here.
Won't be one more minute,
l'll have you down.
Oh, we'll get out here.
Well, l could use your help--
carry my deer to the butcher.
l'll tell you what,
you go down to the garage,
and we'll come down
and help you carry
your deer for you.
Why don't you
just come with me?
We need a moment
to compose our thoughts.
lf it weren't for you,
l'd never have killed that deer.
Uh-huh. Huh.
Well, thank you
for your courtesy.
God Bless you and all that.
Okay, Mr. Johnson,
just move it over there.
Can you swim, Jimmy?
Neither can l.
Think Bobby made it, Neddy?
Not like this, he didn't.
We got to ditch these togs.
Come on.
What are you gonna do
on Free Street, Neddy?
l'm gonna do it all, pally,
and l'm gonna do it again,
and l'm gonna get
two of the best of everything,
and anybody muck with me,
they're goin' down!
Come on.
l wonder what happened to Bobby.
l wonder...
l wonder if he got across.
What happened,
happened, Jim.
Maybe they got him back.
l'm not going back there.
That's right,
we're not going back.
Hey. Hey.
We look... we look like
a couple of Hoosiers.
That's right, let's go.
Okay, let's go.
Hey, coins in the pocket.
Coins in the pocket,
that's good luck.
That's good luck,
don't you think?
Uh-huh. Right.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
lt's okay.
lt's gonna be okay.
l can't go back there.
Nobody is going back.
lt's going to be just fine.
l got to get
some smokes, man,
l'm telling you.
Let's get your smokes,
and then we'll go across.
You take care of me, Ned,
because l got to get across.
Keep walking.
Got to get across.
Just keep walking.
Right with you.
Just want a pack
of tailor-mades.
Yeah, right with you.
Bunch of damn nonsense,
all them damn priests
in town at the shrine.
Don't buy a damn thing,
but they want something,
you'd better have it
on hand.
Thanks, Miss Harris.
Thank you.
Be with you gents
in a second.
Yeah, we just want a
pack of tailor-mades.
Momentos of the shrine,
postcards, key chains
of the Weeping Virgin.
Not a penny in it,
but they want it every year.
Priests and tourists,
put on that dumb show!
Two packages of oatmeal.
Set 'em down, will ya?
Account's getting
a bit long.
Well, l need it.
Set 'em down.
l got a hungry kid.
You'll catch me later.
What are you looking at?!
Yeah. That's right.
Special kind of smokes?
Luckys'll do.
That Shrine, talking about it,
didn't mean to offend you.
l probably put my foot in it,
and you're tourists,
come to see the shrine.
Where are you folks from?
Oh, here and there.
Something l can interest you
in that case?
We ought to be about going now.
We ought to be about going now!
You forgot your change.
That's okay.
Sir, change. Let's see if we
can't spend it in your store.
Did you folks hear
about the jailbreak?
No. l can't say that we have.
Where did you say
you were from?
Uh... uh...
Yes, sir, it, uh, seems
there were these three convicts
shot their way out.
There you are.
l told ya
l needed your help.
Are these friends
of yours, Carolyn?
My help?
My car is stalled down
at the garage.
l need you to haul that deer
down to the butchers.
You know these folks?
Know them, yeah,
they're priests--
this is Father...
l didn't catch your name.
Oh, God.
Oh, God, l-l'm sorry.
Gentlemen... uh, Father...
What l'm saying, rambling on,
if l offended you...
no-no hard feelings?
That's fine.
You gonna help me
with that deer?
l mean, l'd die
if l thought
l'd offended you.
Hey, no big deal.
Or anybody associated
with the shrine.
Here, a little-little token.
Take them, please.
Take some back
to your friends.
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- 1984
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