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in my life I fit in.
You're a part of that now.
You need to go.

Excuse me, how did
you get in here?
Senator, we need to talk to you.
That door was locked.
It was.
That security button
won't work either.
Senator, you need
to listen to us.
This is very important.
What do you want?
About a year ago you pulled
funding on a government
research operation
called Project Contact.
Details of that research
were never public knowledge.
Well, before too long the
impacts of your actions are
going to be felt up
close and personal.
What are you talking about?
Someone secretly continued
funding that project.
They were successful in creating
one of the touch killers.
How do you know this?
Well, it's a long story.
What's important here is
that your life is in danger.
I'm not going to
put off my report.
That's not what we're asking.
We just want to be added
to your security detail.
You know what that
project is all about.
The killer could be
anyone in that room.
Who could've done this?
Oh, that's where it
gets interesting.
See, the way we figure it, it's
Adam Kane, working with the New
World Order and the Masons.
Because they're all
working for the aliens!
I want you out of here.
Senator, listen, what we're
telling you is the truth.
You don't believe us, then
check with your own sources.
Security, there's been a break
into the Committee Room.
Tell Mr. Benedict
to get down here.
I think that went well.
What is wrong with you?
What are you talking about?
The plan was to warn him, right?
Yes or no?
Are you going to
tell him or am I?
Eddie, come here.
Come here.
Tell... tell me what?
Eddie, I'm sorry, but we're
going to have to ask you to
take a step back on this one.
What do mean, like,
as in go away?
Look, if somebody's going to
make a move on Richards, we
need to know that there
are no wild cards.
So now I'm a wild card?
Come on, Brennan, what...
you said we were going to
work on this together, right?
Come on, Eddie.
I know I shouldn't
have trusted you.
Excuse me.
Sir, what's going on?
Where's Lexa?
She couldn't make it.
Long story.
Um, Brennan, it's going to
be tough to keep our eyes
everywhere at one time, huh?
Yeah. Look, Senator's their
target, so anyone who gets
too close to him is our guy.
Looks like his own security's
got him pretty covered.
Yeah, well, I don't think normal
security's going to be much help
Look, you guys take the
west side over here.
I'm gonna cover the door.
Brennan! Brennan!
Brennan, this is getting weird.
What are you doing?
I told you you had to
let us handle this.
No, no, no.
I saw this guy--
You need to get this through
your head: this is not about
Elvis or Masons or aliens.
There's a very important
person in danger here.
I know that.
That's what I'm
trying to tell you.
It's somebody on the Senator's
team that's one of them.
One of who?
Them! A guy named Benedict.
He's a... a one of the head
honchos on Project Contact.
Big time fixer, connected to
about ten groups that I've been
No, I got the proof, Brennan.
You gotta trust me.
Senator's about to arrive.
Get him outta here.
Eddie, I'm sorry.
You gotta go.
Hey, you know what?
I'm on my own anyway.
Like always.
Tomorrow morning, every paper
in the country will carry the
results of the report.
I'm sure they will.
Agent, could you escort the
Senator to the conference,
Benedict is part
of Project Contact.
He's trying to stop you.
He's crazy.
It was Benedict!
Stop him!
Sorry I'm late.
I been searching for
the truth for so long.
I guess I'm gonna go
without ever knowing.
Look, Eddie...
look at me.
There are aliens.
We've been here all along.
We're your friends.
Hey, read the news
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