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Why do you feel so responsible
for figuring everything out for
other people?
Brennan! This
is what I do. Okay?
Don't you think you've
given up enough?
Maybe too much?
don't you think I know that?
I know people think I'm nuts.
But I am a good
journalist, okay?
So all this started when you
took a picture of that guy with
lightning coming
out of his hands?
What if somebody told you
what that was all about?
Would you be able
to let it go then?
There's no letting go, okay?
Let me tell you something, that
story'll be my ticket back.
If I could ever get my hands on
that freak, I'll have him in
every paper from
here to Beijing.
What...? Do you know something?
Just wondering.
Just got an update from Lexa.
She says those things we found
were from something called
"Project Contact".
Project Contact.
Project Contact.
Okay. I got it. Uh...
Deep cover.
It was shut down after pressure
from the Senator from the State.
Guy named Danny Richards?
Uh, he's currently running
a commission on policing
the abuse...
of genetic military research.
Sounds like a natural enemy of
whoever created Project Contact.
He also sounds like someone who
could tell us who that was.
Jenny, get me Senator Klein.
Thank you.
I didn't see you come in.
I wanted to be a little
early for the briefing.
Daniel, I feel obliged to warn
you about the position you're
taking in this report tonight.
You know, there
have been threats.
I appreciate your concern, Nick.
But I'm not going to
allow genetic weapons
research to continue.
It's ending.
Here and now.
I truly believe this is
one of the most important
issues in the country.
Well, I agree.
In fact, I...
I think it's fair to say that
it's a matter of life and death.
All right.
What'd you find out?
Well, he's a real crusader.
He shut down Project Contact
and ten other genetic-based
weapons research projects.
There are a lot of people
siphoning money from those
projects, Brennan.
Word is he's got more enemies
than friends right now.
Well, how far these
enemies are willing to go?
It's a good question.
He's scheduled to deliver a
report on the commission he
chaired later tonight.
Yeah, let me guess
- eight o'clock.
Hey, look, inside sources say
he's announcing a total freeze
on gene-based weapons.
He's also commenced an
investigation of suspected
genetic crimes committed
by military companies.
So his murder is a disaster.
We have to warn him.
No. No, no, no - look. We
don't have any proof.
Okay? We don't know
who's behind it.
And we can't even tell
him who we really are.
Jess, if we don't then he's
a dead man. All right?
If he's the one that shut down
Project Contact, then maybe
he'd be able to fill
in some blanks for us.
All right,
Lex, you think the Dominion
can give him a heads up?
Let's just assume we're
on our own on this one.
Do you know where Richards
is delivering the report?
Uh, the Federal
Building on Fairmount.
If something's going to happen
to Richards, then we're gonna
need all hands on deck.
Think you guys can make
it there in an hour?
We're on the move.
I'm not coming with you.
We're different, Jess.
You know, when I was a kid, the
only thing I ever thought about
was taking care of my brother.
Everything I did for
Eckhart, Adam, the Dominion,
was all about saving Leo.
And I screwed it up.
I didn't save anything.
You did what you could do.
Yeah, and I failed.
You don't need me.
I mean, the last person who
counted on me ended up dead.
Is that what this is about?
Are you worried about us?
No, I don't know how I feel.
I just know I need to get
away and figure things out.
Look, when I first came
here I was messed up, too.
The last thing I
thought I wanted was...
join a bunch of
freaks in a cave.
Lexa, once I was in, I found
something that I could
never find on the outside.
For the first
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