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truck, are failures.
There's a third one.
Yeah. Yeah, there's a
third suit in the truck.
Which means there is another one
out there alive, ready to kill.
Look, is there a way to
counteract the bacteria?
Well, I'd have to bring
some specialists in.
It'd take a couple of more hours
to run a more complete analysis.
Okay. Uh uh. I don't think so.
I'm sorry, but this baby's got
a date with the national media.
I am leaving with it.
Let me talk to you for a second.
Let me tell you something.
I waited four years for this
opportunity, and you promised.
I'm not going to let some
crackpot take my shot.
It's not an alien.
Well, that doesn't mean they
weren't created by aliens.
You know, they send them
into our midst, wipe out
all resistance.
And you know what? While we're
at it, I'd like...
I want to know who
you people are.
Random abductees don't
usually know doctors
with secret genetic labs.
All right?
All right, Eddie.
I guess we've kept this
from you long enough.
We're FBI.
Branch 17.
I knew it existed.
Well, just... so... you...
you guys are like the real X
Files, right?
Heh... Right?
You're part of the
team, now, man.
Okay, great. Well, what...
what's the deal? I mean, you
gotta know something.
Yeah, we don't know anything
more about this than you do.
But we know that there's a
major catastrophe that we need
to stop in about three hours.
So are you down for
helping us out, or what?
Are you kidding me? Wild horses
couldn't drag me off this story.
We found out who leaked the
information about the crash.
Dr. Harrow.
I'm surprised.
Weren't we... generous enough?
Money had nothing to do with it.
I learned how you
planned to use them.
Killing our country's enemies.
It's a... noble cause.
My issue is with you deciding
who the enemies are.
Yes, well, now you're
one of those enemies.
Thank you, Doctor.
Your death will not be in vain.
Unless the people who stole
the other subjects are idiots
they will have analyzed
them by now.
All lines of communication
are being monitored.
We'll find them.
What's important now is the
next phase of the operation.
We have a schedule to stick to.
Let's see if you're as effective
as the good doctor intended.
I didn't know if you'd come.
You have information?
Jesse Kilmartin's analysis of
the body they found confirms he
was one of the subjects in a
secret military project
called "Contact".
It's purpose was to create a
subspecies bred for
It was discontinued
over a year ago.
Seems pretty healthy for
a discontinued project.
Do you have any idea
who's running this?
Before termination, it had
been led by Dr. Robert Harrow.
Unfortunately, he was found
dead on a downtown street
thirty minutes ago.
Intel suggests
he was killed by one of the
"Project Contact" assassins.
Do you have anyone
else connected?
There is no record of the
project continuing under any
government sanction.
But we're looking into anyone
who might've known about it at
the time.
You didn't call me down here
for information you could've
given me over the phone.
I need to know your answer.
About leaving Mutant X.
I haven't decided yet.
My Council is worried that if
you're not working with us, you
may be working against us.
You're powerful, Lexa.
But there are people with power
even you should be afraid of.
You must choose which
side you're working for.
Well, you'll be
the first to know.
This is not making
any sense yet.
I mean, these guys
creating killers, I get.
I just don't see how it fits
into the whole conspiracy web.
Don't you ever miss it?
Living a normal life,
like other people?
Other people are blind, Brennan.
So you don't ever think that
you should give this up -
conspiracies, aliens?
You mean close my
eyes to the truth?
No. No, just... I don't...
not see so much of it.
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