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over here
and explain all this to me,
Maybe if we put our heads
together we can figure this out.
Jess, talk me
through it.
Set his browser to the IP
address 2905.190.190.65.
It's a web trap I set up.
Soon as his browser makes
the hit I'll have all the
information I need to trace
him back to make a connection.

Come on, Jess.
You in yet?
Just a few more seconds.
There, I'm in.
Downloaded the image
from his hard drive.
See what I can find
and get back to you.
You guys figure anything out.
Yeah, Eddie may have
known someone that Leon
was talking to.
Yeah, this guy'll
definitely convince you if
nothing else does.
He's the king of
conspiracy theorists.
Let's see if we can
arrange an audience.
He works out of
an old age home?
Get away.
Give me this thing,
will you.
Get out now...
Yo, Silver... Silver...
Silver... Silver, hey...
Oh, hey, Eddie, how ya doing?
Oh, good. Good. How you doing?
Okay. Will you excuse
us? I have company.
Told you he was a hard ass.
Hey, I brought
some... some friends.
Do you mind if I talk
to you for a minute?
No, that's okay.
I'm sorry about Leon, you know?
But he was a damn fool.
That website was, like, an
invitation for them to...
to smoke him, you know?
I know.
I know.
Silver, the last chat that
you had with Leon, was there
anything strange about it?
Uh, not so you'd notice.
Yeah, well, what we need
to know is how he got the
information about the plane.
He said he was in direct contact
with somebody who had been to
Area 12.
Of course.
Of course!
it's sitting right
in front of my face.
Area 12?
are you sure these
people are searchers?
It's like, Area 51,
but on the northeast.
Army has a couple of
alien ships there.
Yeah, the place is
lousy with aliens.
I've seen them myself.

'Scuse me, guys, for a sec.
Oh, yeah, you two
together, or what?
What's up, Jess?
Turns out that the IP
address of the guy Leon was
communicating with
was government.
He's gotta be high up.
There's no listing as to
who the address belongs to.
He was communicating with
someone on the inside.
Yeah, it looks that way.
I'm tracking the address on the
'Net, see if I can at least
find out where Leon's
source is located.
Try Area 12.
We have less than
twelve hours to avert some
kind of major disaster.
And we're visiting
UFO bases on the advice of some
old fart in bedroom slippers.
What's your point?
Look, you
feel bad about Eddie losing his
job and his family - me, too.
But find some other way to
deal with your guilt, okay?
Take him out for a few beers,
help him meet some chicks.
But don't let him waste
any more of our time.
Shal, Jess just traced Leon's
source back to a government IP
This is going somewhere.
I believe him.
Guys ready to go?
Let's go.
Let's go.
Running away is not going
to make things any better.
No? Well, I wouldn't have to put
up with people getting involved
in my affairs.
Lexa, working as a mercenary
before didn't make you happy,
did it?
It's not going to be any better
now if you go back to it.
But I know that there have been
times here when you've been one
of us, and that
has made you happy.
This is not what I want, Jess.
I don't belong here, okay?
So where do you belong?
Oh, yeah, baby.
This is the place.
Yeah, check it out.
Area 12.
This is gotta be where
that flight was headed.
And those are the
shooters from the plane.
What do you think, Shal?
Nice suits.

Hold it.
What the hell is that?
It's a good bet whatever's in
the back of that truck has
nothing to do with ice cream.
Here he comes.
Yeah, got that.

I don't believe this.
Who shops out here?
Hey, you know what? I realize
you're allergic to maps.
Would it have
killed you to ask--
There's not even any retail
outlet stores out here.
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