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coming out of his hands.
Yeah, it's a common
ET phenomenon.
That photo shoulda
won me a Pulitzer.
Instead, it ruined me.
Cost me my career and my...
cost me my family.
Well, look this...
there's probably something
I should tell you, Eddie.
Ahem. 'Scuse us.
Why do I get the feeling you're
about to tell this guy about us?
What would it hurt?
He'll put us in the same
box with all the other
freaks he's hunting.
What use is he going
to be to us then?
Shal, that picture's
of me, okay? I gotta
feel responsible for--
No. Uh huh.
Don't go there.
We get what
we need from this guy and we
get out, as soon as possible.
The confrontation at the
crash site was not expected.
There was someone else there.
Conspiracy nut
named Eddie Boyle.
He used to be a reporter.
There are too many
variables entering the mix,
and too little time.
Whatever's going to happen
will take place in the next
twenty-four hours.
You have to stop it.
Or not.
What are you saying?
I'm reassessing my
future with Mutant X.
This is not the time to
enter into a negotiation,
Miss Pierce.
I came here for one reason, and
that was to find my brother.
And now that he's dead
our arrangement is over.
It's not that simple.
You can't just walk away.
Any idea what those things were
on that plane that went down?
Ah, that's the mystery.
And the simple answer is that
it's all part of the conspiracy.
C'mere. C'mere.
See... see...
if you look at this, you begin
to see the scope of it all.
The grey aliens are connected
to the Illuminati,
who are connected to the Masons,
who are connected to the Royal
And they're all connected to...
this guy.
Adam Kane.
You've heard of him?
No, I'm...
I mean, you don't think one
man's behind all this, do you?
Well, Kane is currently off the
radar, but the word is that
he's still out there
working in the shadows.
See, he used to...
...used to be connected
to a... a...
an outfit called Genomex,
who was hooked into the GSA.
And of course, they're
all working for the...
Yes. Yes, exactly.
Hey, how'd you find
out about the crash?
Well, buddy of mine, Leon,
works a suppressed info website.
Mainlines covert information
right from the inside.
Can we meet him?
Okay. All right.
But anything you see or hear
while on this mission stays
strictly confidential, capisce?
Your friend doesn't exactly
live in the lap of luxury.
Well, if you're going
to live under the radar,
you can't be picky.
Leon's door's open.
That's not like him.

Something's wrong.
I smell blood.
Oh, no.
Oh, Leon.
Look, man, I'm sorry.
Should we be calling anybody?
His family, girlfriend?
In our world those...
that's one of the first
things you give up.
The only ones who will care
are me and a couple of other
people who visited his site.
Chopper coming.
Take cover, man.
Now do you
believe me?
All right. Just... let
me talk to him real fast.
Good idea.
Go on.
Eddie, do you have any idea
how Leon got his information?
It... it's on his computer.
I think "was" would
be the operative word.
No, no, no.
Leon always had
a dynamic backup.
Remember, paranoia
is your friend.
Guys, I think we
have another problem.
From here on in
we're walking.
Not exactly.
Over here.
He's not gonna be
needing this any more.
Let's move.
Brennan, did you manage to
get anything at the trailer?
Yeah, we got a backup
of Leon's hard drive.
No, it's not so nice.
None of us can figure
out a way to get into it.
Well, maybe if one you guys can
distract Eddie the other one
can help me set up a
back door to his system.
We'll give it a shot.
All right, buddy,
what's up? How's it going?
Not so good. Leon got the crash
information from his contact on
a coded chat channel.
Why don't you take me
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