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Witnesses to what?
To this.
And you think that's an alien?
Government's been working
with them for years.
The government?
Yeah, in collusion with
organized crime, the church
and the cast of Friends.
But it's... it's kind of a
long story.
Hey, whoa,
whoa. Wait. Where you going?
Getting the hell out of
here before they come back.
No, no.
Listen... listen.
I had this dream
the other night.
There was... all
these lights in the sky and
there was these.... anyway...
I walked all the way from town
to be here right at this moment.
And... and I need
to know what that means.
Classic abduction profile.
Drawn to the next visitation.
I'm warning you, once you've
seen behind the veil,
there's no going back.
I think we're ready
to take that chance.
Oh, yeah.
Welcome to the conspiracy.
Eddie. Eddie Boyle.
You guys on foot?
Car's up here.

Okay, yeah. This guy seems
a little nuts. But listen.
Obviously, he knows something
about what's going on here.
We need to figure
out what that is.
Well, honey, he doesn't know
the difference between Martians
and meat loaf.
Shalimar, I agree with Brennan.
Look, we've been monitoring
you guys since you got to
the crash site.
The very fact that that guy was
there before us means that at
least he's plugged
into something.
Yeah, plugged in maybe, but
he's got a few wires loose.
Look, whatever's supposed to
happen is going down before
eight o'clock tomorrow night.
Unless you've got
something better to go on
just do it, okay?
Guys, she's right.
Look, we're running out of time
and we gotta figure out what
the fallout is going to be from
that crash, and right now the
guy you just met is our
best shot at doing that.
So you want us to
stick with him?
Oh, good.
Here, I advise
you to wear these.
They're foil-lined.
Stops them from, you
know, tracking us by our
Oh, yeah.
This is gonna
be enlightening.

I'm gonna keep at that
satellite search, see if I can
turn up anything on
our "Men in Black".
Something tells me that
won't be too fruitful.
That's all we've got.
Look, Lexa, I know it's hard.
I... I mean, losing
your brother--
Jess, don't.
Don't what?
Lexa, I care.
Well, I'm fine.
Look, just keep trying
to track these guys down.
I'm gonna contact the
Dominion and fill them in.
You retrieved the cargo?
We did.
But there was a complication.
We were observed.
Three people.
Two men and a woman.
They got their information
somewhere: find the source
and close it.
We cannot afford loose ends.
Welcome to my command centre.
this is one of my
many publications.
"Reality TV. "
"Satanist attack on
network television."
Yeah, I know it's not
fashionable to see the
world as it is.
I mean, you know, you try to
help people by simply pointing
out that the country's
controlled by aliens, and the
next thing you know they got
you in a straight-jacket
pumped full of Thorazine.
Does that happen often?
Often enough.
Let me tell you something.
these alien freaks
actually live among us.
They can make themselves look
like us, sound like us -
the whole nine yards.
I mean... but there are...
there are differences.
I mean...
far as I can tell, they
live entirely on a...
on a diet of cow's
blood and battery acid.
and further evidence suggests
that they are here to destroy
humanity, and to mate with as
many Earth women as they can
possibly get their mandibles on.
Yes, really.
And if I were you,
I'd keep my eyes open.
A babe like you is
definite anal probe bait.
I think we're done here.
Wait a minute.
Wait... wait...
listen to me.
Four years ago I was a respected
journalist working over at...
The Daily Times and I was out...
out in the field covering an
explosion at a gene research
I took this.
Guy fighting with
company security.
Kicked myself I wasn't
closer when I took it.
But there's
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