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reinforced concrete.
Should contain the blast
if the bomb goes off.
So we hit them
at the elevator.
I like your plan.
Look, you two take
the elevators.
Once you take out the mutants,
see if you can defuse the bomb
in there.
Right, and if I can defuse
the bomb, then, great.
If not, I mass out and try to
contain the blast in the
elevator shaft.
Hopefully, I survive,
and everybody's happy.
Okay, Shalimar and I are going
to go with Samantha to the
boardroom just in case they get
by you at the elevator for some
The only problem is the bomb's
already in the boardroom when we
get there.
Maybe not, if we hurry.
Maybe your friend
can buy us some time.
No, it's too hard on her.
Hey, there are
lives at stake here.
Yeah, including hers.
She's not doing it.
Yes, I am.
You know she's
right, Brennan.
This what you're
lookin' for?
Look, in a minute, Lexa's going
to come in with a mission.
Tell her I'll meet her at
Broder Biochem in a half hour.
Where are you going?
Going to meet Samantha
at Loire Industries.
Look, we got a plan.
I'll fill you in via
comlink on the way.
Oh, and tell Jesse the bomb
that he's defusing, okay,
it has a multi-routed detonator.
Brennan wants us to meet him
at Broder in half an hour.
How'd he know about Broder?
I don't know.
Said he was meeting Samantha
at Loire Industries.
Fill us in on the way.
Not without
some information.
What can you tell me
about Loire Industries?
Why do you need to know?
Well, the contact who warned
us about Broder is there.
They may be behind
whatever's about to happen.
It's possible.
Lawrence Bosch is certainly
capable of anything.
Lawrence Bosch is involved?
He controls Loire Industries.
Well, this just keeps
getting better and better.
As I recall, you have a
special interest in Bosch.
He's been troublesome lately.
So you don't mind if I cross
him off my list, do you?
On the contrary, we'd
be quite pleased.
Elevators are at the
other end of the building.
We'll take a shortcut.
You all right?
Never better.
Don't let her out
of your sight, okay?
Here we go.
wrong room.
Right, Jesse,
they're not here yet.
Uh, guess we'll just wait.
I got a good feeling
about this one.
I'm glad one of
us is optimistic.
Well, I never give up.
You're lucky. Your mutation's
made you stronger.
I don't know, with me it's
always seemed like more of a
Yeah, why?
Maybe it was the way
I learned to use it.
Bosch found me young, before I
really knew what I could do.
He developed my gift.
I learned through his
horrible experiments.
I wanted to go back and
make things better, make
them perfect.
But they always
seemed to get worse.
I guess this is my way of
making up for what I did then.
Well, you know you're not
responsible for this.
But I feel responsible.
Wish I'd had someone to
talk about with before.
I've been alone most of my life.
I couldn't ever
share my experiences.
Nobody could understand.
It's good to have
you with me.
[elevator beep]
Okay. We got the bomb in
the elevator.
We're on our way.
Lexa's gone.
She's going to be on the street,
trying to take out Bosch.
We need to stop here before
she gets us all killed.
Okay? Find her.
Well, you were right, Brennan.
Multi-routed detonator,
motion detectors, everything.
Disarming it's
going to be killer.
I hope not.
Let go!
Kill them both.
We have job to do in there and
you're not doing your part.
No! I'm doing what
I have to do.
Watch out!
Shal... Shal...
Now, if this doesn't work, just
remember this:
I think I can get my hands into
all the wires at the same time.
Just remember it.
Guys, we have to go back.
No. I think I can do this.
It doesn't matter.
Shalimar's dead.
You have to take us back now.
But, if...
if he can disarm it...
Shalimar just died.
Hey, you
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