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Well, she can't be trusted.
She's a member of the team.
Jess, no. We can't
take that risk.
I think you're making a mistake.
Yeah, well I'll wear that.
Okay, look, this bomb has
motion detectors,
has heat sensors everywhere.
It's got multi-routed
detonating system,
at least ten live connections.
Oh, and it can be
remotely detonated.
Since when do you
know about bombs?
I don't. You told me.
Right before the bomb exploded.
I'll pull up everything I can
on multiple-routed detonators.
I died...?
Oh, yeah.
I need you to check
it out and let me know if you
recognize any of the details.
Oh, time's running out.
Brennan, we have to go.
Look, you have to rest.
But the bomb, all those people--
Stop. We have more
information on the bomb.
This time it's going to work.
What's happening to you?
It always tires me out.
Only this time it's
getting harder.
No matter how hard I try, I
can't take us back this far.
I don't think this
is going to work.
Maybe I should go alone.
Listen, you wouldn't
stand a chance.
But if you stay
here, you'll be safe.
You could go on with your life.
It'd be like it never happened.
No, listen -- you're not
getting rid of me that easy.
Hey, we're going to
finish this, together.
Now rest.
I'll be back.
Samantha Bennett works at a
company called Loire Industries.
That doesn't ring a bell.
Who runs it?
Most of the
information's encrypted.
Well, you know what?
Jesse can hack into
and find out for us.
No, he can't.
We need to concentrate
on the bomb.
Yeah, but if we find out who's
behind the bomb then maybe we
can take them down first.
Lexa, I've been through
this three times already.
Yeah, you screwed up every time.
No, you screwed it up.
Excuse me?
Look, either you're
going to do what I say
or you're going to stay here.
It doesn't work that way.
Come on, Brennan,
we go in as a team.
Yeah, then why don't
you tell her that?
Bren, wait up.
Shal, forget it.
I'm not apologizing.
I'm not asking you to.
Look, if you say we need to
concentrate on the bomb,
I believe you.
But if we're going to stop this
we have to go in as a team.
Just want to make sure
you're good with that, too.
So what are you trying to say?
the only one here with any
memory of what's happened to us.
We have to trust you.
So what are you saying?
That you can't trust me now?
I'm saying you have feelings
for Samantha, and I'm afraid it
might colour the way you colour
the shots if we do this thing.
No, no.
I am absolutely clear on what
it is that I am doing here.
As far as Samantha, yeah, I do
feel for her, but that's because
she's died twenty times
already trying to save these
people's lives.
That's it?
You know, what I feel for
Samantha, it is not going to
cloud my judgement.
This isn't
about Samantha.
Isn't it?
I'm not blind.
I mean...
are you jealous?
Why would I be
jealous of her?
That's ridiculous.
Well, you shouldn't be
threatened by Samantha,
because whatever it is that
I feel for her
has nothing to do with
you and me.
I didn't realize there
was a you and me.
Just try not to
get us killed.
I didn't deserve that.
Is this what the
bomb looked like?
Is this what the
bomb looked like?
Yeah, that's...
more wires coming out
of the detonator now.
More wires?
And I said that it was covered
in motion detectors and heat
sensors everywhere?
Huh. Okay.
Well, I can't touch it.
I can phase through
it, but I can't get into the
wires without setting it off.
Look, it might take hundreds of
tries, but at least I get,
you know, multiple attempts
with Samantha, right?
Oh, no, no, no.
She can't take that.
Look, pull up the
floor plan on Broder.
Okay, this is the
boardroom right here.
Which means they're
probably going to bring the
bomb up this bank of elevators.
The elevator shaft is
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