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if I ever saw them again.
Isn't that a little... grim?
It's just my way of making
the world a nicer place.
See, Bosch is one
of the top ten.
If he is behind this explosion,
he'll be there just to enjoy
watching people die.
It's the perfect chance
to take him down.
This isn't getting a
little too personal, is it?
It's personal enough.
I was on a mission to shut down
one of his research stations in
South America.
There were forty dead research
subjects found in his lab.
He got away.
He killed a couple of
guys on my team doing it.
I'm not letting him
get away with that.
Yeah, but, Lexa...
Don't worry, Jess.
I'd do the same for you.
Hey, you okay?
I'm not looking forward
to going back to Broder.
Yeah, but it's going to
be different this time.
Hmm, that's what I
keep telling myself.
It's getting harder to believe.
Uh huh. Yeah, well, don't worry.
My friends know what
they're doing so...
Sorry I got you into this.
How'd you get into this?
I was working for Bosch.
He was
testing some very powerful
genetically-engineered drugs.
We'd give them to test subjects,
then I'd watch the outcome.
And throw my consciousness
back in time...
And then you would give him the
results before the experiments
took place.
He'd alter the drug
and then try again.
He didn't have to worry
about the consequences.
But I had to watch it all.
Some of the side
effects were terrible.
And I had to see these people
suffering hundreds of times.
It was horrible.
Come on.
Why didn't you leave?
Because he would've done the
same experiments anyway.
At least this way I kept
those people from dying.
Whoo, that's a lot to carry.
Then I overheard Bosch
planning the bombing.
I've seen so many
terrible things already.
I knew I had to
stop this one.
We will.
Promise me.
The Helix is
all fired up...
Let's go.
Twenty minutes.
That's a new
record for you.
[door opens]
Oh, sorry!
Oh, no.
I'm late already.
Yeah, the bomb's
through here.
Very impressive.
Okay, we've all
gotta go in at once.
Shalimar, are you
in position?
Where is she?
Oh, damn, she's probably
gone after Bosch.
Um, it's a personal
thing, a vendetta.
Okay, why didn't you tell me?
Lexa, we need you here.
Okay, look, we gotta go in now.
On three.
One, two, three.
Whoa, whoa, whoa...
Okay, good news it is...
it's not armed.
And the bad news?
Everything else.
It's got motion detectors and
heat sensors all over it.
One wrong breath and
this thing will blow.
Okay, and that's
just the beginning.
You see all these wires?
It's a multiple
routed detonator.
It's got to have at
least one, two...
say ten -- ten live connections.
They've all gotta be cut
in order to disarm it.
Cut the wrong one
and, boom, we're dead.
Can you do it?
-I haven't got a clue.
Look, you guys have done
everything you can,
just get out of here, okay?
It's armed!
Bosch must have a
remote detonator!
That's impossible.
What? You tried to defuse
the bomb twice?
No. Three times, okay?
We just died.
What are you talking about?
The bomb went off.
Why did we come back so
much later this time?
I'm just feeling so tired.
Jesse, come here.
Let's get her to the lab.
How is she?
She's very weak.
Whatever it is she does to
throw her consciousness back in
time takes a heavy toll on her.
Brennan, she can't
keep going like this.
You know, this is
all Lexa's fault.
She's turned this
whole mission into a...
personal vendetta.
All she can think
about is Bosch.
This is getting a little heady.
You seem to be upset at Lexa
about something that hasn't
even happened yet.
Oh, no, no -- it happened.
She got us killed.
Look, she's going to want
Bosch's name and Samantha's
connection to Loire Industries.
You can't give her any of that.
Have you tried
telling her the
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