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molecular structure.
So I'm your first?
[laughs] Ow.
Strange to share
this with someone.
I'm usually all alone.
So did we die back there?
For a second, yes.
Have you done
that before?
Wow, that's gotta be tough.
I mean, being by yourself and
doing that over and over again.
Maybe you can help me.
It's just so hard to
control everything.
There's just too
many variables.
I've been trying to stop the
bomb from exploding,
but I can't seem to do it.
Oh, thanks.
Look, why don't you
just call the cops?
They'll bring the bomb squad
in and they'll evacuate the
I tried that.
Everybody dies.
That's why I contacted
the Dominion.
And they called my team...
Well, I think we should
bring them in on this.
No, no, no,
no, no.
More people will mean
more possibilities.
It's that much
harder to control.
The more people on our
side, the greater our odds.
No, please.
I've been through
this dozens of times.
I know what I'm doing.
Let's go.
I've checked out all
the rooms, and nothing.
What is it?
We're at Broder. Why
aren't you answering?
I told you guys to stay away.
You're all going to die.
No, we're going
to stop the bomb.
Okay, we have to get to the
boardroom before they do.
The bomb!
It's gonna blow.
Playtime's over, kids.
Uh, let me guess.
The Dominion just called you.
They want you to go to a
company called Broder Biochem
and meet Samantha Bennett.
Wait a minute -- how
could you know that?
I just got the call.
Because it's the third
time you've told me.
We've been through this already.
Wait, where are you going?
Going to see Samantha.
At Broder?
Bad milk.
Bad milk.
Shalimar, come here.
Brennan, what is
going on with you?
Listen, just listen.
Lexa's going to want
to go to Broder.
If you do, you're
all going to die.
Everyone needs to
stay here, okay?
Lookit, just...
just give me a
little bit of time.
I promise you,
you'll understand.
I know this sounds crazy.
But you trust me, right?
Of course I do.
How you doing?
Jason Arnold to see
Andrew Geddes, please.
Go ahead.
Think I could get
a drink of water.
What took
you so long?
You know, I've already
died twice today.
It kinda slows you down.
Welcome to my world.
Now, come on,
I'm going to introduce you
to the rest of the team.
Listen, we tried it
your way once already.
Now we're going to try it mine.
Do you expect your friends
to believe our story?
Well, I've been through too
much already for them not to
believe anything's possible.
That's impossible.
What? You tried to defuse
the bomb twice?
If we were there, how come
we don't remember any of it?
Because I can only bring
Brennan's and my consciousness
and memories back.
So none of this has actually
happened to the rest of us?
How hard can it be to stop the
bomb if you know what's going
to happen next?
You don't know Lawrence Bosch.
He has backups for his backup.
Lawrence Bosch is behind this?
The people at Broder developed
a new genetic technology that
will make one of Bosch's most
profitable drugs obsolete.
Yeah, and he doesn't mind
killing a few hundred people to
keep his profit margins safe.
So we stop him.
Now, guys, there are two
mutants that are putting
the bomb in the room.
One is an elemental,
one is a molecular.
First thing we is we stop them,
give Jess a chance to disarm
the bomb.
Did you get a look at it?
Yeah, a quick one.
Is it powerful?
It brought down
a building.
Trigger mechanism?
-Countdown timer.
Did you see the wiring?
No -- mostly I just
saw it exploding.
Yeah... it's not a lot to go on.
I'm gonna see what I can get.
Yeah, I'll go get
the floor plans.
So what's your
connection to Bosch?
He's crossed my path before.
This'll be the last time.
And what's that
supposed to mean?
It means I have a little list
of people I promised myself
I wouldn't leave
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