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split up.
She could be anywhere in here.
Well, let's keep moving.
We've got to find her
before people start dying.
Any luck?
She's not down here.
Thank God.
I'm Samantha.
How do you
know my name?
No, we gotta move.
No, I need my team.
No, no. No time.
Just do what I say.
It's our only hope.
You mind telling me
what's going on here?
You're going to need this.
What's this?
[door opens]
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm late
Okay. Enough. What
the hell is going on here?
No time.
No time?
No, you kept us
waiting for an hour.
Security was holding
me at Loire Industries.
I could only get away
a little while ago.
I know where the bomb is.
What bomb?
It's being guarded by
two powerful mutants.
If we don't take them out fast
they'll detonate the bomb
and everyone in the
building will die.
How can you know that?
Because it's
already happened.
That's them!
Playtime's over, kids.
Just got a tip something
big's going down.
We've got to go a place
called Broder Biochem.
Scientist Adam Kane was a
pioneer of genetic research,
DNA to save human lives.
But, in many, their genes
unexpectedly mutated
and they developed
superhuman abilities.
Together, four of
the most powerful
fight to protect a world that
doesn't even know they exist.
They are... Mutant X.
Lookit, you know what?
If this is some kind of
joke, it's not funny, guys.
We were just at Broder.
Okay, you've got to
stop kicking his head.
We met Samantha Bennett.
I think we'd remember
that, Brennan.
Hey, don't drink that.
Bad milk.
How did you know that?
Because this just
happened -- all of it.
We were at Broder.
There was a bomb
in the boardroom.
Samantha and I were standing
right beside it when
it went off.
Okay, now you're
starting to scare me.
Okay, you guys, just stay
here. I'll be back.
No. Forget it.
Brennan, we have a mission.
Yeah, a mission where hundreds
of people are going to die.
Samantha was late.
said she was being
held by security at...
at Loire Industries.
Look, I'm going to go over
there, see if I can get her to
tell me what the hell
is going on here.
Okay, fire up the Helix.
Get us a floor plan
of Broder Biochem.
Huh. Anything else?
Yeah. Clean that up.
You know, Brennan
wants us to wait.
Yeah, and he's
out of his mind.
We're going to Broder.
Maybe he knows
something we don't.
What? And how?
I don't know, but don't
you think we should give him
the benefit of the doubt?
I agree with her.
Suit yourselves.
I'll get her
the floor plan.
Why don't you see what you
can find on Loire Industries?
Ah... it smells.
Jason Arnold to
see Andrew Geddes.
Go ahead.
Excuse me, sir.
I just got a delivery
for security.
Leave it with me.
I can take it.
No way, buddy.
All right.
But I'm sorry.
Sorry for what?
How about the headache you're
going to have when you wake up.
Think I could get
a drink of water?
Behind you!
Samantha, you okay?
Brennan, you know me?
You remember?
Yeah, we were at Broder.
There was an explosion.
Oh, my God.
I... I'll explain on the way.
We've got to stop that bleeding.
Yeah. Later.
Loire Industries is owned by
a guy named Lawrence Bosch.
Maybe Brennan
isn't so crazy.
Why? Who's Bosch?
He develops
genetically-based drugs.
He's killed hundreds of people
in the course of his research.
So I guess blowing up a building
wouldn't bug him much, huh?
You two need to get here fast.
We haven't been able to
get ahold of Brennan.
Look, do what you
want, all right?
I just hope nobody dies while
you're waiting around for him.
We're on our way.
Just about done.
So, you're a mutant with the
ability to travel back in time,
Only a short distance.
So now you brought
me back with you.
It never happened before.
Must be something to do with
your mutant
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