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entire system.
come on.
We do that, we're not just
going to lose the power in
here, but in all of Sanctuary.
The ventilators, all
of the computers.
Nobody will be able to
get in or out of here.
Oh, man.
All right.
Come on, Jess.
There's got to be a way we can
get him out of our computer.
How did he get in?
He's got to be bouncing a signal
off of Sanctuary's satellite.
Cut off his uplink,
he'll lose his access.
Let's do it.
Our only problem is figuring out
how to do it without him seeing.
You know I'm watching.
That's very good.
Now what are you
going to do about it?
Okay, Brennan, we're in.
What's next?
Something's wrong.
Yeah. I don't see any
equipment anywhere.
That's not him.
We've got company.
Move it! Let's go! Let's go.
Let's go! Let's go!
Okay, there
they are. Ready? Right there.
Okay, hit the floor.
Nobody move!
Cover the door!
Frank, get the door!
Looking for someone?
Over there! Go, go, go!
Let's get out of here.
Go, go! Move, move!
Time to get the
hell out of Dodge.
Mind explaining what just
happened back there?
Why the hell would
Brennan set us up?
He didn't.
Got 'em.
You gotta take
out all three cameras before
he's got time to retaliate.
It's important - we only got
one shot at this, Brennan.
Well, one shot's all I need.
Let's do it.
Ohh, whoo!
Ha ha!
Not bad.
But unfortunately,
I still have the
infrared sensors.
I may not be able to see
those baby blues, but this
will do just fine.
Now what do we do?
Now we got to get to
the uplink access panel.
And that would be?
Top of the ventilator shaft.
Through the air duct.
All right. I'm ready.
Whoa - wait.
Wait, wait, wait!
It's not going to work.
Why not?
He can still see us.
What are you talking about?
We just blinded him.
The body heat sensors.
Oh, come on, man.
You're killing me here.
Hey, Adam designed
this place, all right?
And he designed it
to be impregnable.
Oh, great.
Well, too bad Adam wasn't here
so he could see how his genius
is biting us all in
the ass right now.
What would happen
if I was to raise the
temperature in here to
a toasty 98.6 degrees?
Well, we'd be invisible.
Here's a playback of our
conversation with Brennan.
Listen to this.
Shalimar, I'm here.
But I don't know
for how much longer.
Hear the click?
Right before he starts to speak?
Shalimar, I'm here.
Our call was intercepted.
Someone sampled Brennan's voice.
Sent us into that trap.
On our comlink frequency.
Man, whoever's doing this has
got to be pretty powerful.
Powerful enough to give
us instant rap sheets.
Made us look like
Public Enemy number one.
Well, maybe it's time we called
"Brennan" back
- thank him personally.
See who we're playing with?
Hey, Bren?
It's Shal.
How's the heat in there?
Totally under control.
How are you guys holding up?
Well, we
tried to get into that warehouse
but the cops were after us.
How weird is that?
Very weird.
So has
Jesse finally managed to beat
you at your little game yet?
I say when the game is over.
I say when the game's over!
So are you guys any closer
to finding out who's behind
all this?
I wish.
Must be somebody
pretty brilliant, huh?
What do you think?
Still there?
I think you know more
than you're saying.
Just worried about you, Bren.
  Intruder's real voice:
Too late for that.
I know this guy.
William Dennett.
Doesn't ring a bell to me.
He's a cybernetic mutant.
He can connect with
computers through his brain.
He's a human computer virus.
He was selling military secrets.
We tracked him down to an
apartment building on the river
and chased him up onto the roof.
You're not going anywhere.
It's over.
I say when the game's over.
Last we heard he was
paralyzed for life.
How could he be doing this?
Maybe he's got nine lives.
The point
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- 1984

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