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But you're going to have
to do it from the ground.
Well, Adam installed a backdoor
system in an offsite facility
in case of emergency.
That's news to me.
Well, lucky for us there's
some things you don't know.
Adam took every precaution
against Sanctuary being
So where's this facility?
There's a warehouse at
51 Shepherd.
Call me from there.
Jesse will talk you
through the backup system.
You got it.
[sound of phone dialing]
Operator: 911.
Yes, thank God.
The two terrorists responsible
for the explosion at Syntech
are on their way to 51 Shepherd.
But you've got to
get there right away.
They're armed and dangerous.
Operator: Identify
yourself, please sir--
You're not playing that
stupid game again, are you?
Do you know what obsessive-
compulsive means, Willie?
Yummy - liver,
onions, sweet potato.
Is there something
wrong, Willie?
You didn't even say
anything about my hairdo.
If you don't start paying
better attention, I'm going to
have to erase that
game from you computer.
Sorry, Nurse Helen.
I think it makes you
look ten years younger.
What the hell...?
Look what you
made me do.
Look at me.
All right.
That's it.
No more games.
Nurse Gamble, please report
to the Nurse's Station.
Nurse Gamble, please report
to the Nurse's Station.
I'll deal with you later.
And I'll deal with you later.
Well, well, things are finally
starting to heat up, boys.
Can you reach them
on any channels?
We're completely cut off.
Is there any chance you can
phase out of this place?
Not as long as the
disrupter field is active.
An the bright side, I think I've
figured out this heat thing.
Ah, amen, brother.
[laughs] All right, I take
back anything bad I've ever
said about you.
I'm gonna remember that.
[laughs] Nice installation.
Some top-notch security systems.
I thought you deleted this game.
Yeah, I did - several times.
Well, he's not
acting very deleted.
Well, since he's a
hologram, uh, his weapons
can't hurt us, right?
Not as far as I know.
[groaning] Jess, do something!
Who are you?
Sergeant Nalle,
Tunnel Squad Unit Leader.
Think you could withstand
an increase in the voltage?
What do you want?
At the moment, I want to know
how much juice it's going to
take to kill you.
Even for someone like you...
a man's gotta have
a breaking point.
[groaning] Agh!
You all right?
All right.
Warehouse is right below us.
Let's take her down.
Seems like a strange place
for Adam to build a backdoor
to Sanctuary.
Well, you know with Adam -
nothing was ever the
way it seemed, right?
Hey, Bren, we're good to go.
Good deal.
Make your way down and I'll
have Jess talk you through an
internal override.
All right.
Whoever's doing this
knows who we are.
Already knows
everything about us.
Come on.
Hey, Willie - wakey, wakey.
My shift's over, so
I just dropped by,
to kiss you good night.
I thought that might
get a rise out of you.
Hmm, he loves me...
...he loves me not.
You see, Willie.
I have complete
control over your life.
If you were to die,
no one would ever miss you.
[heart monitor speeds up]
No, hold on.
Hold on!
Don't you do that!
[heart monitor stops]
Damn it!
[heart monitors start up]
I don't get it.
What's this about?
power trip...
Maybe all of the above.
What do we do?
That's just it - there's
nothing we can do.
We're sitting ducks and
he's calling all the shots.
No, there's gotta be a way
we can turn this around.
We can't just give up.
Brennan, if he's controlling
the computers...
and he's got access to the
security cameras -- all the
sensors and detectors --
we can't even blink
without him seeing.
All right. Then we shut down
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