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I'd come down
here and whine about it first.
It's not responding.
Wonder why?
This is not my fault.
Don't blame me.
There's no way that
the game could've
compromised the
system, all right?
Well, maybe it drew
down too much power.
Overloaded the computer.
It's a game.
Besides, what
difference does it make?
I wiped it from the
drive, you remember?
Okay, someone's in
here. I saw him again.
She's seeing things.
I am not.
Shal, we're alone.
Come here. Look.
There we go.
Four heat points.
One, two, three,
four of us, right?
I don't care what
your computer says.
I saw him.
I felt him.
Jess, what are doing
about this heat, man?
Dude, I am trying.
There's a glitch in the system.
I think we should
do a security sweep.
Hey... look, Jess.
What is this?
What the hell...?
So, soldier, you think you
have what it takes to become
a member of our
Tunnel Quest team?
I thought you
deleted that program.
Yeah, I did.
All right, now, what are
you doing about this heat?
Uh, I guess I'll try to
access the thermostat through
Sanctuary's brain.
Jesse's right.
The place is clear.
I'm not imagining things.
I saw something.
But for some reason I'm not
picking up a scent anywhere.
It's so strange.
Well what exactly did you see?
It's hard to explain.
It was big, but it was a blur.
Was it a man, or a woman?
I don't know.
Like a ghost or something.
Out of the way.
What the hell happened?
The circuitry's overheated.
I mean, is it just me or is
this place freaking out?
All right, Jess, come on.
Let me in there.
Oh, I've almost got it.
You can't just blast this with
one of your charges, Brennan.
It's delicate stuff.
Yeah, I see that.
Meanwhile I'm frying over here.
Jess, why's the security
system activated?
It's not.
Well, you might want to
come take a look at this.
Oh, this can't be happening.
These two dots are
Lexa and Shalimar.
The security system's
interpreting them as intruders.
Well, shut it down before
the system attacks.
Yeah - it's not working.
We need to get
them out of there.
Shal, Lex...
Look, we got a big problem here.
You need to get down
to the Helix now.
What's going on?
Security system has detected
you both as hostiles.
So get out of here.
What's happening here, Jess?
going into a lockdown,
and I can't control it.
Get out of here - now.
Come on, let's go!
What about the guys?
Shalimar, there's no time!
Get out of here now!
The hangar door's closing.
We can beat it.
We'll be sheared in half.
Let's hope you're wrong.
Why do I get the feeling
there's nothing you can do
about all this?
Right now I'm not in control
of anything, Brennan.
Well, who is?
Wouldn't you like to
know, Mr. Mulwray?
In my game, I
decide who lives...
...and who dies.
That was cutting
things pretty close.
Oh, we had at least two more
seconds to clear the doors.
You got ice-water running
through your veins.
So what are we going to do
about Brennan and Jesse?
Afraid that was
a one-way ticket.
I've isolated the Helix's
computer link to Sanctuary.
Look, we can't afford to let it
infect the system or we could
drop from the sky.
I wonder if our
comlinks are active.
I don't know. Keep your
fingers crossed.
Brennan, can you read me?
Yeah, we're here. We're
locked up in the hangar.
Jesse's trying to figure
out what's going on.
I'll tell you what's going on -
that game of yours
infected the system.
Had to, but I don't see how.
Look, Sanctuary's got firewalls
to protect it from even the
most high-tech viruses.
Guys, are you there?
Hey, guys.
You guys there?
Brennan, can you hear me?
It's no use.
The virus must've
infected communications.
Shalimar, I'm here.
But I don't know
for how much longer.
What's our next move?
Jesse thinks there's a way
to override the
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