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this, there's only
two farms outside the town.
Looks like we got a
fifty-fifty chance.
Tell you what.
Why don't we just stop
at the one where we hear
the locusts buzzing?
Release them, then get
those trucks out of here.
Oh, my God.
It's okay.
I'm scared.
It's okay.
I'm not going to let
anything happen to you.
Do it.
And bury her in the field.
Got it.
Okay go over there.
Stay behind me.
No. No no no...
Yes, get over there.
Come on!
Good. Come on.
Isn't it a little
too early for sunset?
Aw! Come on. Go. Go go go!
Okay, I've got the wave
pattern locked and loaded.
We're ready to go.
We gonna need earplugs
for this thing?
Relax. The frequency is well
out of your hearing range.
But I'm probably going to
end up with a migraine.
Aw, then I'll have to get
you a couple of aspirin.
You okay? Come on.
You may be bullet-proof,
but she isn't.
Don't move!
What, like this?
Hey, Bren, Shalimar,
what's going on?
Somebody call for
an exterminator?
Now, Bren. Forty more seconds,
the bugs'll be out of range.
See ya, Chester.
It worked.
Yeah, no kidding.
Well, the good news is
the bugs are destroyed.
The bad news is the windshield
of the Helix is a mess.
Yeah, and I'm not cleaning it.
Well, guys, apparently
the Dominion destroyed
all of ZDT's research.
Well, I guess that leaves Alisha
to rebuild the company from the
ground up.
You know, something tells
me she won't have a problem.
Were you always like this?
It started in high school.
So all the time that
we were together you...
you were just hiding it from me?
You know, you could've
told me that.
I would've accepted it, right?
Yeah, but at the time I
couldn't accept it in myself.
So this, uh...
new life that you have...
makes you happy?
Yeah, it does.
But there's no room for...
you know, a wife, or...
a white picket fence...?
I wish it was that simple.
But as much as I would like
to, I can't change who I am.
Why does it seem like all the
good men are either gay or
or Mutants?

So I take it there
are others like you?
Like her?
Well, next time a woman comes
along that fits into your life,
promise me something.
Uh huh.
Don't let her go.
Listen, it happens
to the best of us.
But you'll be fine.
Yeah, whatever.Look out, Lex.
There's no way of knowing
how many we're dealing with.
That was close.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Good job, girl.
Oh, that's it.
I'm hitting the shower.
Me first.
What the hell do you
guys think you're doing?
Just having a little, uh...
[laughs] innocent fun.
You guys don't
get out much do you?
Aw, come on, we're just
getting to the good part.
Lex, you don't understand
what I've done here.
I've totally improved
Sanctuary's holosystem by
modifying the game
to match our...
Well, nice going, Nerd Wonder.
Now delete it.
Do it - or I'll smash
your computer in half.
Shal, you are totally
I guess it was fun
while it lasted.
Dude, this is
totally your fault.
What a waste.
Everybody happy?
Uh huh.
Well, looks like it's
a little one-on-one.
Yeah, it could've
been two-on-two.
Scientist Adam Kane was a
pioneer of genetic research.
Manipulating DNA to
save human lives.
But in many, their genes
unexpectedly mutated and they
developed superhuman abilities.
Together, four of the most
powerful fight to protect a
world that doesn't
even know they exist.
They are...
Mutant X.
[laughs] Su-whish!
Ooh, two points.
I'll take you to the rack, baby.
Come on.
Hey, Bren?
Yeah, what's up, Shal?
I could've sworn I saw
someone run past my room.
We didn't see anything.
Hey, Jess, did you take a
look at the climate control?
Yeah, in a sec.
We're in the middle of the game.
It's eighty degrees and rising.
Did you try and override it?
No, I thought
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