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Everything that
you said was true.
Pacific Bionetics,
the crop research.
Someone's been funnelling money
from ZDT to fund all this.
Why are you telling me this?
Because my name is
all over everything.
There's money trails, there's...
there's requisition forms.
Listen, I... I need you.
I need you to come here,
and I need you to help me.
Alisha, the last time
I trusted you,
two of my friends
almost got killed.
Jess, I had no idea.
Okay? You just have
to believe me.
Okay, look, stay in your
office. I'll be right there.
Nate, why didn't you tell me
about Project Redstock?
Because I was trying
to protect you.
It's why I've been covering
your back from the start,
destroying memos,
deleting voice mails.
Do you have any idea the size
of the players involved here?
The amount of money
we stand to make?
By creating a plague?
No, it would never
get to that level.
Look, a few farms
will be destroyed.
The press would
have a field day,
then ZDT come out as heroes
when we release the first
insect-resistant corn.
Nobody gets hurt here, Alisha.
It's a win-win all around.
Look, we can't give up now.
Where you going?
Alisha called.
She needs my help.
Of course she does.
I'm not going to say
that I believe her.
But if she is
telling the truth,
then she is our only lead
as to where these locusts
are going to be released.
And if she isn't,
you're just giving her another
chance to play you again.
I'll take that chance.
Then I'm coming with you.
Stay here.
Yeah, right.
Lexa, just give me
two minutes with her.
Two minutes.

Oh, my God!
Oh, my God.
How did you do that?
Look, there's some things in
this world you can understand.
And there's some
things that you can't.
Oh, God.
And you fall into the latter?
Oh, my God.
It's okay. Look, it's
going to be okay. Trust me.
I'm getting you out of here.
Oh, God.
It's all right.
Tell us you have good news.
I have discovered the key
on how to kill the locusts.
Sound waves.
The right frequency
shatters the destruct organ.
Killing them instantly.
Well, I can upload it to the
Helix, so we can pump it out
through the external speakers.
Yeah, but the Helix's sonic
range is only a hundred metres.
Oh, would you stop complaining?
That gives you two minutes to
neutralize these things
after they've been released.
If we can find 'em.
Well, you better.
These things reproduce
at an alarming rate.
And once they spread, they will
devour anything in their path.
Any chance we might be able to
narrow down the field for us?
I would have to say that you're
going to have to go low-tech.
What do you mean? Swoop over the
corn fields like a crop duster?
Well, unless you've
got a better idea...
I'm right behind you guys.
What the hell's going on?
Is Alisha okay?
You can say she's
a little confused.
Well, see if she knows
where the locusts are
going to be released.
Who are you talking to?
I'm talking to a friend.
She's just trying to help.
Now, do you have any idea
where Nate might be trying to
release the locusts?
I don't know...
Come on, think.
I don't know!
I just found out about this.
You have to believe me.
I just found out about this.
It's impossible to
cover this much area.
These corn fields go on
for hundreds of miles.
Yeah, well, if we don't find
these locusts in time,
Chester's little buddies are
going to cut through those
fields like a machete.
Okay, kids. They just pulled
onto the freeway.
You're heading
north on the I-80.
We just got onto a freeway.
A freeway?
What direction are we going in?
We're heading north.
North on the I-80.
North on the I-80...
You know what?
I remember seeing paperwork.
We leased a farm.
South... south of Gilroy.
You got that, guys?
We are about forty
miles north of there.
According to
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