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All right, Doc.
Uh huh?
Look, I could really
use your help.
Can you pull a rabbit out
of your hat right about now?
How about this?
I found residue of nitrogen-rich
protein in the system of the
specimen you brought.
Okay, okay.
It's like this.
Locusts begin as eggs,
which eventually hatch,
and become wingless nymphs.
A nitrogen-rich diet
speeds along their growth.
I'm losing you.
All right.
Right now, they're
feeding on a...
a dry spore mix which is
commonly sold as Fer-lomant.
And by the projected size of the
swarm they're going to need a
lot of it.
Did you get that, Lex?
Fer-lomant, I'm on it.
I'm looking at purchase orders
for almost a ton of this stuff.
Delivered to a farm outside
the town of Decatur.
Gotta be our source.
You never did tell me where
you've been for all these years.
Hey, lover-boy.
Is this thing on?

Cat got your tongue?
Are you okay?
I hope that's all she's got.
Yeah, I just gotta...
get another drink.
Alisha's been behind this
from the very start.
She's the one who ordered
the killing on the informant.
It's time to smarten up.
It's called Project Redstock.
And hopefully it's not too
late to shut them down,
but you need to get out of
there now, you understand?
Listen, I... I...
uh, I gotta go. Excuse me.
Gotta go?
Why do you have to go?
Why do you have to go?
I don't want any
secrets here, okay?
So just talk to me.
I know about Project Redstock.
Is this, like, a joke?
Because I have no idea
what you're talking about.
You gotta be straight with me.
You are way over your head.
And the only way I can help you
is if you tell me the truth.
The truth?
Okay, who's the liar here?
What did you come back for?
I had to investigate.
You had to investigate?
Oh, I see.
So, you really didn't come
back here to invest in...
in ZDT, right?
And you obviously didn't
come back here to get me.
I had no idea
I'd feel this way.
Get out.
Alisha, please...
I said get out.
I never want to see
you again. Get out.
Nate, yeah. I need
to see you in here.
Yeah, 'cause we have a problem.
Now if these bugs are here, how
are we supposed to destroy them?
Well, Dr. Bellows is going to
contact us when she figures out
how to activate
the self-destruct system.
Hopefully they're still
contained in the barn.
Worst comes to worst, we
can always burn it down.
Huh, nice.
Just turn them grasshoppers
into fireflies.
Where have you been?
You took your sweet time.
I'm sorry.
I just had to clear
my head a little.
Any word from Shalimar
and Brennan?
Not yet.
I'm sorry, Jess.
If it means anything, I was
hoping I was wrong about her.
Whatcha gonna do?
Okay, guys, we're here.
You see anything?
Looks like someone took off
from here in a hurry.
Let's take a look inside.
The place is cleared.
Too late. Damn.
Well, they're grown.
Looks like they were in the
process of releasing them.
Brennan, it's a bomb!
This was no coincidence.
We were set up.
Somebody must have
tipped them off.
You told her, didn't you?
I had to level with her, Lexa.
There was too much at stake.
Yeah, that's exactly why you
should've kept your mouth shut.
What did you think?
Her love for you would suddenly
spur a burst of honesty?
Well, I gave it a shot.
Well, you were wrong.
Yeah, I got that.
Well, that's great.
Now thanks to you we have
no idea where those bugs
are going to be released.
Now it's anybody's game.
No telling how many
truckloads of those bugs
might've made it out.
Yeah, or where they're headed.
Well, maybe your little
friend can tell us.
I think I'll name him Chester.

Listen, don't hang up, okay?
Everything that
you said was right.
Look, I've been poring
over these R&D files and...
I can't believe it.
You can't believe what?
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