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seems surprisingly young
to be the head of the company.
She's a classic
Type A personality.
Just don't get in her way.
Ooh, sounds like a
loaded statement.
 Well, just say she
knows what she wants,
and she knows how to get it.
At all costs?
We're in a competitive
field, Miss Pierce.
Alisha knows how to
maintain the edge.
Well, then, whenever you're
finished here, my secretary
will see you out.
Guys, any luck on your end?
Alright, we think we found
where the bugs were released.
It's a barn on a parcel of
owned by a company called
Pacific Bionetics.
Maybe ZDT's been the
target all along.
It's too soon to tell.
Anyways, Jessie's feeling things
out with Alisha Keary right now.
There's a name I haven't
heard in a long time.
What do you mean?
She was a part of his old life.
His first real love.
Oh. How real?
High school sweethearts.
I think at one point
they were even engaged.
Well, it's nice of
him to have told me.
I guess it just
slipped his mind.
Aw, relax, Lex.
It was ten years ago.
I'm sure she's ancient history.
Well, you know what? I hope so.
So how involved are you in
the day-to-day operations?
I'm a control freak
- you know that.
Like to micromanage everything.
Used to bug you, didn't it?
Nah, not... maybe just...
a little, yeah.
No. You know what?
If you're not going to handle
that, then I will.
Sorry about that.
Everything okay?
Yeah. Yeah.
It will be.
All right, what's wrong
with this picture?
If this is where the swarm
started, then why didn't
they eat this corn?
Maybe they read the signs.

I mean, what is this corn
made out of anyway? Gold?
I don't know.
I guess I should grab a sample
for Dr. Bellows
We got company.
Come on, let's
get out of here.
I thought you'd never ask.
Look, Leesh...
I know you're really swamped
right now, but I'd really like
to see you again.
Tell me you're not going to
try to stir things up, right?
I'm not...
here to stir things up.
Can we meet for drinks later?

I don't know. Um...
I have to work late.
There is nothing that
touches me more...
than the look of two corporate
executives in love.
Has anybody ever told you it is
really not polite to eavesdrop?
All the time.
So tell me: when were you
planning on telling me you
two used to be engaged?
It's not an issue.
I grilled her at lunch.
She's not involved.
Well, then, let's just hope
you're better at picking out
liars than she is.
I've just figured out what
kills these insects, all right?
They were designed with a
self-destruct mechanism.
They rupture from the inside?
It's ingenious, really.
And when I determine what
the trigger is
we'll be able
to destroy these things.
So what about the corn?
Why didn't they touch it?
Ah, ha ha ha!
Because these have been
genetically modified
to be the one crop that is
resistant to these insects.
So we're not dealing
with an agro-terrorist,
this is just a simple
case of supply and demand.
Wake up, people.
Welcome to the world
of Franken-foods.
You know, there's no
telling what repercussions
these hybrid crops could
have on the environment.
Well, someone's planning
on profiting from this.
Looks like that corn is
made of gold after all.
Hate to break it to you, Jess.
But your ex-fiancee's involved.
Pacific Bionetics
is owned by ZDT.
I had to trace through
dummy corporations
and overseas trust funds
to find the link to Alisha.
That can't be.
I don't know, Jess.
You got to admit, it does
look kind of suspicious.
Look, I have known this
woman for half my life.
Trust me.
She's not a part of this.
Are you sure that's
not your heart talking?
some other part?
It's not like that.
Well, we're going to have to go
back to ZDT to find
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