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We used to summer together.
What? In between terms
at boarding school?
You know... only rich
people "summer".
Yeah... You were making a point.
I think you were trying to
suggest that the Kearys
were involved.
ZDT owns the fields
destroyed by the bugs.
Which makes them either
a target - or the source.
Now we don't have
time to waste here.
Jess, you're our in.
What? Expect me just
to waltz in there
and ask if somebody's invented
any new agro-plagues lately?
Actually, I was hoping for
a more subtle approach.
Dominion has set you up
with a rather generous
financial portfolio.
Don't get too excited
- it's just play money.
Ahh. Just enough play money to
set up a meet and greet with ZDT
as a venture capitalist
ready to play ball.
Anyway, the place is
run by uh...
Alisha Keary?
You two close?
Is this going to be
a problem for you?
Not at all.
Why is it that Armani looks
a little too good on you?
It's actually a Boss.
You know at one point, this
was going to be my life?
Ivy League school, corporate
job, the whole nine yards.
And you gave all that up for...
Mutant X?
I gave it up for me.
Mr. Kilmartin?
Nate Gilmore.
Good to meet you.
This Lexa Pierce, my
in-house counsel.
How do you do?
So, Alisha tells me you're
looking to invest in
Considering it.
I think you'll be
very impressed.
This way.
Tight security.
We set the benchmark in
cutting edge agro-science.
Can't afford any
snooping competitors.
You'll have to excuse Nate.
His enthusiasm is
only second to my own.
It's good to see you again.

Oh, um...
Lexa Pierce.
My twelve thirty just cancelled.
So, if you would like, I could
go over the company's expected
earnings with you.
Over lunch.
Nate, could you please show Miss
Pierce the necessary documents?
Of course.
Thank you.
Given the area
of crop devastation,
we should be able to pinpoint
where the locusts were released.
How? It's like trying to find
a needle in a haystack.
Well, not necessarily.
This is the field where
we found the dead locusts.
And we can use satellite imaging
to track their point of origin.
This is 10:15, about the
time the locusts died.
We reverse the timeline...
There's our haystack.
Whaddya say we go
find that needle?
So when did you decide to
return to the family business?
I guess that's hard to say.
I suppose some things are
just in the blood, huh?
Well, if you're really
serious about ZDT,
we're involved in some really
breakthrough technology.
Is that why some of your
fields were recently
attacked by infestation?
Uh... well,
that's news to me.
I'm sure if that was
a problem I'd know about it,
don't you think?
Well, my people tell me
some of your crops were
very seriously damaged.
Your people?
So you been doing
your research?
Yeah, well, whatever that was,
I'm sure it's nothing to be
concerned about.
ZDT is a high-profile
I'm sure you have your
share of corporate enemies.
Yeah, well, it comes with the
territory, doesn't it, Jess?
You know, there's always
someone out there ready
to cut your throat before you
have a chance to cut theirs.
How long do we
have to do this?
Pretend that this isn't
incredibly awkward
- seeing each other again?
You don't know how many
times I wanted to call you.
So why didn't you?
I just didn't
know what to say.
Well, to be perfectly frank,
until now Alisha's been wary of
outside investors.
Ah, so you're doing just
fine on your own, is that it?
You know, I would love
to get a look at a report
on some of the farming
technologies you have
in development.
Well, I'm afraid
that's not possible.
All R&D is confidential.
Nate, we both know how much
Mr. Kilmartin is prepared
to invest here.
Throw me a bone.
I'm sorry.
Alisha wouldn't have
it any other way.
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